If GSW didn’t blow a 3-1 lead: Kevin Durant joined the Boston Celtics; Formed ‘Big Three’ with Al Horford and Isaiah Thomas

New York Knicks are not going to give up on the possibility of signing Kevin Durant this summer, rumors are swirling that the 27-year old Oklahoma City Thunder star is fond of Kristaps Porzingis and his friendship with Carmelo Anthony would be factors that will be in play on how the Knicks could possible snag him from free agency.

Kevin Durant continues to impress in his first season with the Golden State Warriors. However, some people can’t help themselves but think what would’ve happened if KD made a different decision last summer.

Kevin Durant was the most coveted free agent in the recent offseason. Most NBA teams expressed their interest to acquire him on their team. Unfortunately, only six teams managed to have an appointment with Durant, including the Boston Celtics.


In the ESPN The Magazine’s “How the Warriors Landed Kevin Durant”, they also detailed the Celtics’ free agency meeting with Durant this summer. The last part of the section “Boston C Party” said:

“And, in the aftermath, many sources around the NBA come to believe this: Boston might have landed Durant had the Warriors won the Finals — as Durant wouldn’t want to have looked like a man hopping aboard a dynasty.”

Last season, the Warriors made history by setting the best NBA regular-season record of 73-9. They beat the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls record of 72-10. With such great accomplishment, the Warriors became the favorite team to win the 2016 NBA championship title.

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The Warriors faced the Cleveland Cavaliers in the finals and took a 3-1 lead. Unfortunately, the Cavaliers overcome the 3-1 deficit and won their first NBA championship title. The result of the 2016 NBA Finals has somehow affected Durant’s free agency decision.

If the Warriors won, they would likely keep their roster and let KD join other teams. As the article said, Durant could be wearing a Celtics’ jersey if Warriors didn’t blow a 3-1 lead. In the recent free agency, the Celtics also pursued Al Horford to strengthen their chance of landing Durant.

Durant and Horford revealed that they dreamed of playing together in one team. Unfortunately, all their efforts have gone to waste after KD chose their West rivals, Golden State Warriors.

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The Thunder became the biggest threat for the Warriors in the Western Conference last season. However, despite the efforts of Durant and Russell Westbrook, the Thunder still fell short. For Durant, everything that happened last season served as a sign for him to leave Oklahoma and head to Golden State.

“It felt like that whole thing was set up for me to leave,” Durant said. “Especially after they blew a lead in the finals, because I damn sure wasn’t going there if they’d won. But after Game Seven, I called up my agent and said, ‘Damn, dude, Golden State – what if?’ ”

No matter what people think, Durant has no regret with his decision to join the Warriors. So far, they continue to dominate the Western Conference and projected to enter the NBA Finals. If everything goes as planned, Durant could finally win his first NBA championship title this season.

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