Hassan Whiteside Contract: Heat sends price center for trade offers from Boston Celtics

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Heat sends price center for trade offers from Boston Celtics?
Trade Rumors suggest the Miami Heat send center Hassan Whiteside to the Boston Celtics for some assets namely Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, and Kelly Olynyk.

The Miami Heat is trying to rebuild after what happened this summer and trade rumors have tried to build on that momentum. Trade rumors suggest the Heat send Hassan Whiteside to the Boston Celtics for some assets.

In the proposed trade, the Celtics get Whiteside while the Heat receives Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, and Kelly Olynyk. With Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh done for the Heat, rebuilding would be the best option. In the deal, the Heat get a defensive guard in Smart, they also get a young versatile small forward in Brown, who could also slide to the power forward position.

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Aside from that, the Heat could also have a center in Olynyk who could play along Udonis Haslem inside the paint. The deal will help the Heat start its rebuilding process, especially if they would be able to cash in on the Bosh contract.

For the Celtics, having Whiteside would certainly boost their roster as they get a legit center that would space the floor with Al Horford and Isaiah Thomas. This means Horford will slide to the power forward position with Amir Johnson as his backup.

Having Whiteside gives the Celtics a playoff contention as they would not only get a reliable shot blocker but also another scoring option. It could also mean that the Celtics would not be giving up picks courtesy of the Brooklyn Nets in looking to fill that void in the center position.

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The trade may sound plausible but the Heat needs to think twice if they would be doing the right decision. For the Celtics, Danny Ainge will try to look at all possible angles before pulling the trigger to make the deal a go.

The Heat needs a serious overhaul of their roster following a failed free agency season. If they will not address the problem, they will have to wait till the midseason trade. It could mean a problem on how to market their team to entice players to make the move.

Both the Heat and Celtics needs to start strong this season if they would want superstars to have a second look at their offers. Trade deals like this need a thorough evaluation as well.

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