Houston Rockets News: James Harden stats, set to beat Stephen Curry, LeBron James for NBA’s best

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James Harden, Russell Westbrook, DeMar DeRozan
Houston Rockets news on James Harden stats, tops Russell Westbrook, LeBron James,

It was just months ago when the Houston Rockets news were filled with criticism regarding James Harden ‘s one-way basketball, for being too lazy to step up on defense, and for solely being too offensive minded.

It was up to a point that despite James Harden stats on offense, he still didn’t make it to last season’s all-star team. It was something that led Stephen Curry ‘s new teammate Kevin Durant to declare, “we don’t appreciate James Harden ‘s skills enough.”

But Houston Rockets news has turned for the better with coach Mike D’Antoni whose fast-paced basketball fits James Harden perfectly, with a twist.

James Harden stats are not only flourishing this season with better chemistry, but they are more effective too, now as the Houston Rockets primary ball handler. It’s similar to how Stephen Curry draws defenders with his outside shooting, and if they do they get killed by a drive to the basket.

But James Harden stats are increasing with his effective passing too. Unlike last season he now has utilized this clear vision of the shooters on the court, thanks for his new role.

Not only is he leading in assists, seemingly beating Stephen Curry as the best point guard in the NBA, but he’s become a favorite the MVP title over LeBron James too.

Forget about James Harden stats. When asked about being the “Best point guard or best player?” The Beard replied, “I am (either one)” in a report by CBSSports.

LeBron James may still be the favorite to win the MVP, but James Harden, at this stage, is showing he can snatch it down the line.

But how far can this go? Will they be able to keep up the numbers and play defense as hard as they can to beat their rivals? Is James Harden indeed in a tactical position as a point guard that makes him the most dangerous player in the league, more than Stephen Curry and LeBron James?

“The biggest thing with defense is that our chemistry will be good,” Mike D’Antoni said in a report by ESPN for Houston Rockets news. “This year, we have guys that trust each other. We are not going to take possessions off.”

“I can play with anybody. I can play off the ball, on the ball, whatever. I’m just doing what my coaches ask me to do.” James Harden said of his new role, and it seems to be working perfectly.

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