Isaiah Thomas blames officiating for Game 4 loss: ‘Refs were allowing them to hold and grab’

PHOTOGRAPH: Keith Allison/Flickr | Isaiah Thomas of the Boston Celtics

The Washington Wizards tied the series with the Boston Celtics after a 121-102 victory on Sunday night at Verizon Center. Isaiah Thomas expressed his disappointment with how the game was officiated, saying that the Celtics were receiving a lack of calls despite the Wizards’ too much physicality.

“[The Wizards] were very physical. The refs were allowing them to hold and grab and do all those things,” said Thomas. “I think, especially in that third quarter, I might have hit the ground five or six straight times, and I’m not the one that likes hitting the ground. So I think it got to be called differently. I’m not saying that’s the reason we lost. They went on a 26-0 run and we can’t have that on the road. But I can’t be allowed to be held and grabbed every pin-down, every screen. And I don’t shoot one free throw. I play the same way each and every night. So I think that has to change.”

Isaiah Thomas calls out officiating in Game 4

After a poor performance in Game 3, Isaiah Thomas started the Game 4 strong, hitting five 3-pointers in the first 13 minutes of action on Sunday. He finished the game with 19 points and five assists on 50 percent shooting from the field and 83.3 percent from beyond the arc. However, it wasn’t enough for the Celtics to obtain their third victory.

The Celtics-Wizards matchup continues to get physical with both teams aiming to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals. Thomas, who served as the Celtics scoring leader, believes the lack of calls for his team affected the outcome of Game 4. Thomas revealed that he was held and grabbed during the game but never sent to the free throw line.

Wizards find a way to stop Isaiah Thomas

However, it wasn’t the major reason why the Celtics lost to the Wizards on Sunday. After a strong first half, Thomas only scored two points in the second half and only attempted three shots. The Wizards also outscored the Celtics in the third quarter, 42-20, and forced Thomas to commit five turnovers.

After letting him score 53 points in Game 2, the Wizards finally found a way to limit Thomas’ production in Game 3 and 4. Focusing the defense on Thomas proved to be effective for the Wizards as it also affected the Celtics’ overall performance.

“We just have to corral him,” said Wizards forward Markieff Morris. “Like, he’s a small guy, so at the end of the day, if you got three players around you, how can you make a pass? How can you make a shot? It’s just basically what we’ve been doing, and just trying to get the ball out of his hands. Hopefully, the other guys miss shots like they’ve been doing.”

Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr

Video courtesy: Youtube/Ximo Pierto

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