Jahlil Okafor trade makes Dwyane Wade Bulls line up stronger with Rajon Rondo & Jimmy Butler; Lakers rumors on Nerlens Noel

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Jahlil Okafor trade to Raptors' Kyle Lowry
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The Philadelphia 76ers’ perennial question of whom to trade between Nerlens Noel and Jahlil Okafor seems to be presently winding down to a spot with the Bulls. Will we soon see the Chicago native playing back home?

The Chicago Bulls have made great efforts to upgrade its line up to make them a strong contender for the next playoffs. A Jahlil Okafor trade would make their line up more complete and variegated in skills.

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To do this the Bulls, led by Jimmy Butler and a seasoned veteran Dwyane Wade, would have to free up some space to make the Jahlil Okafor trade a reality. It probably would involve letting go of players like Doug McDermott, Bobby Portis and even rookie Denzel Valentine.

This would be mutually beneficial both to Dwayne Wade Bulls and Okafor since the latter would be learning valuable lessons from a team that has two players with championship experience with Rajon Rondo and Wade, and the challenges of rebuilding a team to contention would be priceless. Not to mention the fact that he’s doing it for his own hometown with lots of support.

With the modernization of the game in the NBA that’s more focused offensively, a Jahlil Okafor trade that puts the 20-year-old in the middle of a Jimmy Butler, Rajon Rondo and Dwyane Wade Bulls line up sounds like a winning idea.

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Jahlil Okafor has been on the trading block along with Nerlens Noel for some time now due to the excess of big men in the Sixers roster.

A Jahlil Okafor trade has been on the works putting him in the Lakers rumors department.

The Lakers is a team that is known to have dominant big men in its rich history, according to a report by Fan Sided. He would have been a great fit to continue this glittery tradition, however, Lakers rumors say his lack of defense may have killed his chances.

Nerlens Noel, who is better known as a rim protector, has been broached in instead of Okafor. As a center, he can put in some points, albeit limited compared to Jahlil, but his defensive game and athleticism makes him better fitted with the Lakers.

The Sixers have been trying to move at least one of its big men, but entertains the idea of sending both for more trade options, buttressed by Joel Embiid’s return from injury.

Photo courtesy: Ed/Flickr.com

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