James Harden leadership, Rocket’s future; will finally learn to defend?

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James Harden, Photo Courtesy: Derral Chen/Wikimedia
James Harden leadership, Rockets future, Kevin Durant, John Wall, Corey Brewer

James Harden is easily one of the best and most prolific scorers in the NBA. In fact, last season with the Houston Rockets, he joined basketball greats Michael Jordan and LeBron James due to his scoring feat, which prompted Kevin Durant to praise his talents.

Where James Harden excels in scoring, he gets heavily criticized for his lackadaisical defense. His half-heartedness in the defensive department has come to a point where it seems to overshadow his overall value as a player.

And James Harden 1 shoes get mocked online.

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Although he’s only played a supporting role to Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant with the Thunder, the latter earlier this month defended Harden in a report by SB Nation.

“Nobody really appreciates what he does except for the players in our league. Everybody on the outside doesn’t really appreciate what he brings.” Kevin Durant said.

“Anybody that can put up 29 points, seven rebounds, seven assists and not make the All-NBA team, that’s like a sin to even think about not putting a guy like that on the All-NBA team.”

This feat in scoring rebounds and assists average in a season makes puts him alongside Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

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Interestingly, Wizards’ John Wall believes he should be paid as much as Harden, and is reportedly being bitter about it. Could it be that John Wall only sees Harden’s flaws like most of NBA fans that he seems to forget that the Rockets star finished second in MVP voting two years ago?

It’s probably just about John Wall being John Wall.

According to a report by Hoops Rumors, John and teammate Bradley Beal have gone from bad terms to worse after Beal signed a $127MM contract.

Wall said they have “a tendency to dislike each other,” prompting an agent to say “it’s probably a total disaster.”

Meanwhile, apart from Kevin Durant, one of Harden’s teammate from Houston has come to his defense.

In a report by CBS Sports Corey Brewer said, “I think this year he’s going to play better defense.” Brewer said. “We’re going to let the past be in the past. It’s the future Rockets, man. James is going to play defense this year.”

It could be that James Harden has taken his criticisms to heart and Corey Brewer believes having learned his lesson the hard way, his teammate would work hard on coming back next season as a better leader.

After all, it’s the future of the Rockets, man.

Photo courtesy: Alexandra Walt/Flickr

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