Jeremy Lin: 5 former teammates want to be traded to the Brooklyn Nets

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Jeremy Lin and the Brooklyn Nets will focus on improving their roster this summer after becoming the worst NBA team in the 2016-17 NBA season. According to the latest report, five former teammates reached out Lin asking to be traded to the Nets.

Jeremy Lin only played 36 games in his first season with the Nets after suffering an injury. While recovering, the Asian-American guard still made his presence felt on and off the court. As most people expected, the Nets ended the season as the worst team in the league with a 20-62 win-loss record.

The Nets won’t have any benefit from being the last team as they lost most of their first-round picks to the Boston Celtics in a blockbuster trade. As of now, the only thing they can do to improve their roster is via free agency and trade market.

Five players want to join Jeremy Lin in Brooklyn

In an interview with (h/t SB Nation’s Nets Daily), Jeremy Lin revealed that five former teammates texted him to ask whether the Nets could trade for them. Lin didn’t give the name of the players or the teams they are currently playing for. However, it’s surprising that there are players whose interested in joining the Nets.

Despite having the worst record, Lin believes the Nets can attract players with how they play together, their culture, and the idea of playing under coach Kenny Atkinson. He also described playing for a team with “selfish teammates” as “awful.”

However, it remains questionable if the Nets have enough assets to trade for Lin’s former teammates. Brooklyn will prioritize improving their roster through the free agency market where Lin and Brook Lopez are expected to help in the recruitment process.

NBA Rumors: J.J. Redick as Brooklyn Nets’ free agency target

Jeremy Lin plans to join the Nets’ workout next week with his teammates and other New York-based NBA players. Lin revealed that J.J. Redick of the Los Angeles Clippers will also participate in the workout. Redick will become an unrestricted free agent this summer.

As of now, the Clippers’ main priority is re-signing Blake Griffin and Chris Paul to max contracts. Though they want to bring Redick back, the Clippers are not willing to pay him $18-20 million per season. The Nets are one of the NBA teams who will have enough salary cap space to add Redick on their team.

Redick will be a great addition to the Nets playing alongside Jeremy Lin in the backcourt. Lin is eyeing to improve his three-point shooting this summer along with his floaters. He believes that a great point guard should also be a reliable three-point shooter.

Photo courtesy: nikk_la/Flickr

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