Jeremy Lin is the 60th most famous athlete in the world

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Jeremy Lin (Photo Courtesy: jlin7/Instagram)

Soon-to-be free agent point guard Jeremy Lin has been named the 60th most famous athlete in the world. Lin is one the select basketball stars on the list that was topped by football and Real Madrid superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo.

ESPN Director of Sports Analytics Ben Alamar created a formula to know who the most famous athlete on Earth is. Alamar used different parameters such as athlete salary, endorsement deals, social media followers and popularity on Google search to determine the answer.

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The top ten of ESPN’s World Fame Rankings is composed of four football stars, two from the NBA, two from tennis, one from golf and one from cricket. Ronaldo was ranked first, followed by LeBron James, Lionel Messi, Neymar and Roger Federer.

Kevin Durant, Tiger Woods, Virat Kohli, James Rodriguez and Rafael Nadal round out the top ten. Other NBA stars on the list ahead of Lin were Kobe Bryant (11th), Carmelo Anthony (29th), Derrick Rose (30th), Dwyane Wade (33rd), Stephen Curry (34th), Dwight Howard (36th), Chris Paul (39th), Blake Griffin (43rd), Damian Lillard (45th), Russell Westbrook (48th) and James Harden (54th).

Lin was at number 60 in front of more-established NBA stars such as Kevin Love (67th), Chris Bosh (68th), Amar’e Stoudemire (79th), Deron Williams (87th), Tim Duncan (90th) and Rudy Gay (91st). It should be noted that Lin has a salary of $2 million, endorsement earnings of $4 million, 3.7 million Facebook likes and a combined 2.5 million followers on Twitter and Instagram.

The 27-year-old Asian-American guard became a worldwide phenomenon when he exploded with the New York Knicks in 2012 and “Linsanity” was born. Even though Lin never achieved that level again with the Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers and Charlotte Hornets, he is still quite famous in China and the Asian market overall.

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As mentioned in a previous report, Lin is expected to opt out his contract with the Hornets and become a free agent. He is very open to returning to Charlotte at a discounted price but teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks, Houston Rockets, Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers have been linked to him this offseason.

Photo Courtesy: jlin7/Instagram

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