NBA Rumors: Jeremy Lin being used by Brooklyn Nets just for marketing?

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Photo courtesy: Twitter/@JLin7

The Brooklyn Nets gave Jeremy Lin a huge deal this summer and the franchise’s CEO is calling it their big “prize” in free agency.

Nets chief Brett Yormark said in an interview that they are not looking to recreating “Linsanity” but believes the Asian-American guard has the ability to make it happen again in his stint in Brooklyn.

However, there are rumors and speculations that the Nets got Lin in free agency just for marketing purposes.

“Linsanity” was the phenomenon that happened with the New York Knicks some years back when Jeremy Lin played like a superstar. It was a performance that endeared him to NBA fans, including his rich Asian and international fanbase that has made him one of the most popular players in the NBA.

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“We’re not looking to replicating Linsanity. I think what you have to do based on his arrival in Brooklyn, let whatever’s going to happen, happen organically,” Yormark said to TenCent QQ Sports.

“We’ll let the fans dictate that. Jeremy came here because he’s going to be a starter for the Brooklyn Nets. He’s focused on helping us create a new culture and the next chapter in the Brooklyn Nets history. And I think that’s what we’re focused on. We’re not necessarily focused on Linsanity or anything like that.”

The CEO’s statement disputes the rumors and speculations that the Nets got Lin in free agency because of his popularity among the fans and the fame of his brand.

Lin signed a three-year contract with the Nets this offseason worth $36 million. In a recent blog post, Lin said that he wants to prove he deserves the huge contract and that he wants to improve more as the starting point guard in Brooklyn.

Yormark admitted in the interview that the Nets are also looking forward “to tap into a new fanbase” with their signing of Jeremy Lin.

“Obviously, the Chinese-Americans throughout the tri-state area — there’s over a million of Chinese Americans that reside [there] –.many of which reside in Brooklyn,” Yormark added.

“I think over 200,000. So to the extent that he can afford us the opportunity to connect to a new fan base, we’ll take advantage of that. And I think it will be great to bring a new fan base into the Barclays Center this up coming season.”

Yormark also called Lin the “prize of our free agency this past summer”. The Nets tried to sign other free agents who are starter quality, Tyler Johnson and Allen Crabbe, like Lin but their previous teams retained them.

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The pressure is on Jeremy Lin to perform next season and to prove that he deserves the huge deal he got from the Nets and that he is a starting PG in the NBA.

Photo courtesy: Twitter/@JLin7

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