Jeremy Lin best starting point guard in the NBA; Better than Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook?

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Jeremy Lin (Photo Courtesy: jlin7/Instagram)

Jeremy Lin is the new starting point guard for the Brooklyn Nets next season and a new poll from a popular basketball website has him ranked above other top point guards like Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors and Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

What gives and what makes Lin better than the two-time Most Valuable Player Curry and the triple double machine in Westbrook?

The answer is simple, Hoops Hype, which has the running poll to Rank the NBA’s Best Starting Point guard is basing it’s ranking on a fans’ choices and it looks like Jeremy Lin is more popular than either Stephen Curry or Russell Westbrook among NBA fans.

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In the poll, fans can “up-vote” and “down-vote” on their choices. As of Tuesday morning, Lin ranked first with 3,100 up-votes against 1,100 down-votes. Curry ranks second with 1,400 and 783 and Westbrook ranks third with 1,200 against 672.

Included in the top of the list are Damian Lillard (Portland Trail Blazers), Kyrie Irving (Cleveland Cavaliers), Chris Paul (Los Angeles Clippers), John Wall (Washington Wizards), Kyle Lowry (Toronto Raptors), Kemba Walker (Charlotte Hornets), Tony Parker (San Antonio Spurs), Isaiah Thomas (Boston Celtics) and Mike Conley (Memphis Grizzlies) among others who got votes.

The ranking is similar to the NBA All-Star game starters where fans can vote for their favorite players and some named All-Stars do not deserve to be in the list.

Lin’s ranking as No. 1 is expected because of his fan-base but he is nowhere near the quality of all the point guards ranked behind him.

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The poll only proves that Jeremy Lin is the most popular point guard in the league but he is not the best point guard in the NBA today. Curry and Westbrook are miles better than the Asian-American guard, who will lead a Brooklyn Nets squad pegged as the worst team in the NBA in the new season.

Photo courtesy: Instagram/jlin7

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