Jeremy Lin ‘betting on himself’, coach Kenny Atkinson, teammate Brook Lopez to lead Brooklyn Nets to success

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Photo courtesy: Instagram/jlin7

Jeremy Lin is ready for primetime in Brooklyn. The Nets new starting point guard stated in a recent interview the reasons why he chose to go to the New York team and mentioned the presence of head coach Kenny Atkinson, general manager Sean Marks and star center Brook Lopez as the primary reasons why he signed with the Nets this 2016 offeason.

“The way I was looking at free agency is kind of when you invest in a start up company. You don’t necessarily look at the product right then and there at that moment. That is a big part of it, but you’re kind of betting on the founder a lot of times. You’re betting on what that person is capable of doing because sometimes as you go through the process the final product is going to change a lot and that’s very common in start ups,” the Asian-American guard said via

“I feel like that’s kind of like how I saw this. I’m betting on certain people. I’m betting on Kenny (Atkinson). I’m betting on Sean (Marks). I’m betting on myself. I’m betting on Brook Lopez.”

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Jeremy Lin will be put to the test in Brooklyn, one of the worst teams in the league last season and also one of the low-ranked teams entering the new NBA season. Aside from Lopez and Lin, the team doesn’t have much star power and failed in their attempts in free agency this year.

The Nets signed Allen Crabbe and Tyler Johnson to huge deals but being restricted free agents they were retained by their respective teams, the Portland Trail Blazers and Miami Heat.

The 27-year-old Lin signed a three-year deal worth $38.3 million contract with Brooklyn this summer and unlike his previous stints, he is expected to win the starting PG role right from the start of the season.

Jeremy Lin played well in his previous stint with the Charlotte Hornets but had inconsistent role with the presence of star PG Kemba Walker. The Harvard graduate also had good seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets and New York Knicks, the crosstown rivals of the Nets where “Linsanity” happened.

“That’s a huge thing for me because in free agency I kind of said I want to see how great I can become. I’ve played a lot of different roles; I’ve sacrificed for a lot of teams I’ve been on in the past. I’ve taken smaller roles to try to help the team succeed,” Lin added in the same article, almost saying that he’s ready to relive the short “Linsanity” explosion with the Knicks.

“Now I have that chance to take a much bigger role and be a much bigger part.”

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Can Jeremy Lin help Brook Lopez and Kenny Atkinson bring the Brooklyn Nets to the NBA Playoffs? Or will the NY squad remain one of the worst teams in the league?

Photo courtesy: Instagram/jlin7

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