Jeremy Lin on D’Angelo Russell: ‘I’m excited to share the backcourt with him’

PHOTOGRAPH: Keith Allison/Flickr | D’Angelo Russell of the Los Angeles Lakers

Jeremy Lin expressed his excitement with the arrival of D’Angelo Russell in Brooklyn. The Asian-American guard revealed that he reached out Russell after learning that the Nets and the Los Angeles Lakers engaged in a trade deal.

“I’ve always loved two combo guards playing together. I’ve always been an advocate of that, whether it’s me playing alongside Patrick Beverley or playing alongside Kemba [Walker],” Lin told The Post. “Me and Kemba’s pairing was the most fun I’ve had. Playing alongside another person who is dynamic makes the game easier. … I’m excited to share the backcourt with him. I’ve already reached out to him. We’ve texted a bit, so it should be cool.”

On Tuesday, the Nets send Brook Lopez and the 27th pick to the Lakers for D’Angelo Russell and Timofey Mozgov. Most people praised the Nets’ move since Lopez is already entering the final year of his contract. Though it remains questionable if Mozgov can replicate his performance, Russell is expected to make a huge impact in Brooklyn.

Can D’Angelo Russell and Jeremy Lin mesh well?

D’Angelo Russell and Jeremy Lin played the same position, making some people believe that they can’t coexist on the Nets’ backcourt. However, Lin is confident that he and Russell can find a way to build a good chemistry. The Asian-American guard also thinks Russell’s real ability is yet to seen and can be fully maximized in Brooklyn.

“We’re definitely not the same player. We’re definitely very different, and that’s what’s going to make it work,” Lin told The Post. “The thing I like about him is he’s versatile. He can spot up, he can drive, he can shoot. That’s what makes it hard for the defenses, when you have different looks. He’s really good. He’s really talented. What he showed in LA is probably not the full picture of who he really is as a player. I think we’re going to get him in hopefully a really great situation.”

D’Angelo Russell as coach Kenny Atkinson’s next project

Last season, Lakers head coach Luke Walton tried to use Russell as their shooting guard. Though he struggled at first, Russell showed that he’s able to play off the ball. Now that he’ll play for the Nets, coach Kenny Atkinson is surely excited to see how he can turn Russell into a superstar. Atkinson is one of the people behind the emergence of “Linsanity” and it’ll not be a surprise if Russell makes his own name in Brooklyn.

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