Jeremy Lin defends Carmelo Anthony, says he never got mistreated by Knicks superstar

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Jeremy Lin (Photo Courtesy: @jlin7/Instagram)

Carmelo Anthony recently made headlines when he made some backhanded compliments towards former teammate Jeremy Lin. In a recent interview, Lin responded by defending Anthony and insisted that the New York Knicks superstar treats him very well.

Melo told Marc Berman of the New York Post that he was surprised when their cross-town rivals Brooklyn Nets made Lin the team’s franchise superstar. Many believe that it was a shot to the Harvard product but Anthony also added some praise for the new Nets star.

“He is the face of their franchise – believe it or not. He came up, they paid him. Now the ball is in his hands. Now he’s one of the franchise players over there,” Anthony said.

“I don’t know what you want me to say about that. I’m happy for him, excited for him to see how it’s going to turn out over there,” he added.

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In a recent interview with Brian Lewis of the New York Post, Jeremy Lin responded on the comments made by his former Knicks teammate. He noted that he and Carmelo always have great interaction when they see each other during the season.

Lin also revealed that he never had a fight with Anthony during his time in New York. He also does not care about anyone’s opinions at the moment. He is just focused on the task at hand and that is helping the Brooklyn Nets win as many games as possible next season.

“I’ve never had any personal issues with him. We’ve never gotten into a fight or argument or anything, in person or through text or anything. I’ve never had anything remotely hostile with him,” Lin said.

“He’s never mistreated me in person. When you guys are bringing up these quotes, these are things I heard about, too, last year, and I’m putting things together and figuring things out,” he added.

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It should be noted that it is not the first story out of New York saying that Carmelo Anthony did not like Jeremy Lin. Former Knicks head coach Mike D’Antoni and player Amar’e Stoudemire both admitted in separate interviews that everyone including Melo was not a fan of Lin.

Photo Courtesy: @jlin7/Instagram

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