Jeremy Lin: ‘I feel we can get into the playoffs’ next season

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Jeremy Lin missed most of his first season with the Brooklyn Nets where they ended up as the worst team in the league. However, the Asian-American guard believes the Nets can enter the playoffs next season if all of them stay healthy.

“I hope we can be very healthy next year,” Lin said, according to a translation of the interview that appeared on (h/t Newsday). “I feel we can get into the playoffs . . . I only played [24.5] minutes a game this year. If I could play more, or if I didn’t get injured, I feel we have a chance of getting into the playoffs.”

Jeremy Lin eyeing to improve game in the upcoming offseason

Jeremy Lin missed 46 games in the 2016-17 NBA season after suffering hamstring injuries and mild ankle sprain. The Nets only won 20 games and earned the No.1 overall pick in the 2017 NBA draft. Unfortunately, they lost the pick to the Boston Celtics in a 2013 blockbuster trade.

With Lin and Brook Lopez sharing the leadership role, there is a growing optimism that the Nets could be great again. The arrival of Lin created the belief that “Linsanity” will be rebirth, especially after he reunited with coach Kenny Atkinson. When healthy, Lin helped the Nets win 13 of their 23 games, including 10-12 in his final 22 games.

The 28-year-old guard plans to spend plenty of time working out with his teammates in the upcoming offseason in Brooklyn. Lin showed massive improvement in his shooting as he’s currently 37.2 percent from beyond the arc. However, he wants to do better next season and aims for 40 percent from the deep. Lin believes this will create more opportunities to easily penetrate the basket.

“This year, I didn’t finish at the rim as much,” Lin said. “Normally, I can finish at the rim at a high rate, but because of my hamstring, I was afraid to jump and take contact. So, I hope that next year I can get an automatic two points when I drive to the basket.”

Brooklyn Nets focusing in free agent recruitment this summer

Five of Lin’s former teammates reportedly want to play for the Nets next season. Unfortunately, the Nets don’t have enough trade assets to make a deal. As of now, they will focus on the free agency market to improve their roster.

Lin and Lopez expressed their intention to helped in free agent recruitment. Some Nets executives are currently scouting for international players who can help the team return to the playoffs next season.

Photo courtesy: nikk_la/Flickr

Video courtesy: Youtube/Speed of Lin

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