Jeremy Lin Injury Update: Asian-American guard returns in a week or two; Mike D’Antoni remembers good times of Linsanity

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Jeremy Lin (Photo Courtesy: My GraphiCKs/Blogspot)

The Brooklyn Nets continue to struggle without Jeremy Lin on their side. The Asian-American guard suffered a hamstring injury and only played 12 games since he joined the Nets in the recent offseason. However, Lin gave some update in his nearing return to the court.

Lin’s absence proved to have a major effect on the Nets as they are now the worst team in the league with an 8-32 win-loss record. In an interview with CCTV NBA Prime Time in Chinese [via the New York Post], Lin revealed that he may return in a week or two.

“It’s progressing gradually,” Lin said of the hamstring injury. “I think the recovery is faster than last time.”

Jeremy Lin knows he’s body has recovered but the Nets decided to let him rest longer. It was the second time he suffered the same injury this season. The Nets want to assure that he’ll be 100% when he returns.


In their game against the Houston Rockets, the Nets gave away Lin’s bobblehead. It was a part of team’s celebration of Taiwanese culture since Lin’s NBA’s first American-born player of Chinese or Taiwanese descent. Before the game, coach Mike D’Antoni gave a message for his former player.

“It wasn’t kind of fun; it was really fun,” D’Antoni said. “As a coach, it was fun doing it. I was really proud of him and what he’s done. And it couldn’t happen to a better person. That’s why you coach, for moments like that, people like him.”

D’Antoni played a major part in the emergence of Linsanity. He’s the head coach of the New York Knicks by the time Jeremy Lin joined in the 2011-12 NBA season. In their game against the Boston Celtics, D’Antonio gave Lin a chance to play in which some experts claimed as an act of “desperation”.

Lin didn’t waste the chance to showcase his talent. In their succeeding games, he continued to show impressive performances until the term “Linsanity” became popular. D’Antoni admitted that the success of coach Kenny Atkinson’s up-tempo offense is hindered by Lin’s absence. However, if Lin becomes 100% healthy, the Nets could have the chance to be a great team again.

Photo courtesy: My GraphiCKs/Blogspot

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