Jeremy Lin Injury Update: Brooklyn Nets unsure of star guard’s return; Nets on a four-game losing streak

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Brooklyn Nets’ guard Jeremy Lin remained on the bench in Sunday’s loss against the Portland Trailblazers. The Nets are yet unsure whether the 28-year-old guard can make a return to the team.

Sunday’s loss against Portland was a headlong stumble and fall right into a four-game losing streak. The Nets are still unsure when the injured Lin will play again. And speculations are rife that it can’t be soon enough. They are 2-3 when Lin was the starting point guard, but lost six of eight without him.

An update on the Nets’ star guard injury condition was supposed to be released late last week, but it looks like he still remains without a timetable for a return. According to CBS Sports, he could still be multiple games away from seeing the court. A hamstring injury is a bit tricky depending on the severity or circumstance.

report by The Brooklyn Game indicates that athletes should not take the injury lightly and should give it rehab and time for it can leave them shelved indefinitely. Hamstring strains take about 3 to 8 weeks to recover depends on the severity. They are not like tweaking an ankle and they often linger far past their expiration date.

The Brooklyn Nets’ decision to sideline Lin due to his hamstring injury is probably for the best. If the team forces him to play this early, it could result in more complications in the future.

“Jeremy’s progressing well. I can’t give a timetable in terms of a specific day he’s back. He’s progressing on schedule,” the Nets’ head coach Kenny Atkinson said when asked about Lin’s status, via The New York Post. “I’m going to listen to the performance team. We’re going to be smart about this, take a long-term approach.”

It remains to be seen whether Jeremy Lin can make a return for Wednesday’s game against Boston, though he was seen running and shooting after Friday’s practice. Fans can only wish for his speedy recovery and hope for the best for the Brooklyn Nets this coming Wednesday.

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