Jeremy Lin has last laugh against Jarret Jack, who criticized the Asian-American’s huge deal with the Brooklyn Nets

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Photo courtesy: Instagram/jlin7

Jeremy Lin will take over the starting point guard spot instead of veteran Jarret Jack next season for the Brooklyn Nets and the latter reacted when the former was signed to a huge deal by the East team in the 2016 offseason.

Jack is now denying that his short and mysterious post was about the Asian-American point guard, who committed to signing a three-year deal worth $38.3 million. The timing of Jack’s Twitter post was around the Jeremy Lin signing with the Nets and most concluded that Jack was referring to and laughing at Lin.

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This was Jeremy Lin’s tweet, also on July 1 before Jack’s post. Although Jack explained his side then, NBA fans were quick to accuse the veteran PG that he was referring to Lin.

“Clearly the Nets and I had parted ways, so they would’ve had to sign somebody. So let’s just say they were to sign Mike Conley and I tweeted, ‘Hahaha.’ Would there have been an uproar?” Jack tried to explain, via ESPN.

“The one thing they told us as far as Twitter is always be specific. But people were calling me a racist and all sorts of stuff, and I was like, ‘Are you guys really believing this? This is crazy.”

Jack added that he has not spoken yet to Lin but said that he hopes things are okay between the two and emphasized that he was not tweeting about the new Nets starting point guard.

“I haven’t reached out to J-Lin, but hopefully he doesn’t think it was (any bitterness on my part). What would even be funny about that? I think J-Lin is damn good,” Jack added in the interview.

“I thought he was tremendous in Houston when they were hitting all those 3-pointers, and then in Charlotte, he played his ass off during the playoffs.”

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Jarret Jack signed a one-year 1.55 million contract with the Atlanta Hawks where he is expected to play the back-up role. Compared to the Asian-American’s huge deal, Jack’s contract is cheap and very low and it looks like the Jeremy Lin will have the last laugh in this alleged Twitter war.

Photo courtesy: Instagram/jlin7

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