Jeremy Lin: Linsanity was a burden; No Brooklynsanity, just normal plays in the NBA, Brooklyn Nets

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Jeremy Lin in braids is the look he will bring to Brooklyn Nets
Jeremy Lin and his braids are already making lots of noise in Brooklyn moments before he was formally introduced as the newest member of the Nets for the NBA’s next season.

NBA point guard Jeremy Lin arrives back in New York sporting a braid that somehow looks more in line with his “Linsanity” brand. It is the look that fans hope will forge his winning ways with the Nets.

Jeremy Lin prides himself with his religious background, even saying at the peak of Linsanity’s popularity, “I do think my purpose is to play basketball, play well, and play for the glory of God.”

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As an avid Evangelical Christian, he credits his success to the almighty; the reason he plays with such fluidity is because he does so with no pressure. He trains hard and surrenders everything else to God. He says, “I’m not in a battle with what everybody else thinks anymore.”

Ironically, post-Linsanity, he’s been pressured to keep up with his reputation, and he’s been battling so many expectations on the court.

Jeremy Lin has been struggling since his stint in New York that helped turnaround the Knicks’ record in 2012. He’s had a lingering knee and back injury, which many feel is affecting his shooting and overall performance.

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Speaking before reporters, Jeremy Lin spoke about accepting his new role as a veteran leader.

Linsanity sounded saner than ever, which is not what fans hope for. People want to go back to those crazed days, that one-on-one performance against Kobe Bryant, and those buzzer beaters during closely fought games.

Are those days ever coming back? Apart from his stylish hairdo, it seems those days only became more of a burden to him.

“When it first started, I’m not going to lie, it was cool, and then it became a burden.” Lin said. “I didn’t really know what I had gotten myself into. One, two, three, four years later, every year I embrace it more. Every year I’m more appreciative, every year I love it more.”

The magic that Linsanity brought seems to have disappeared when he left New York for the Rockets.

Now that he’s back, fans hope to convert Linsanity to Brooklynsanity, but he says he’s just going to be himself playing with the Nets and help rebuild the team after signing a 3-year $36 million deal.

It looks like Linsanity has given way for reason. Should the fans expect a normal season?

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