Jeremy Lin as NBA’s top playmaker, will he live up to Linsanity expectations?

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Jeremy Lin (Photo Courtesy: @jlin7/Instagram)

Jeremy Lin has struggled a lot since his Linsanity days with the New York Knicks. After his incredible performance in the 2012 season, he’s been expected to bring the electricity of Linsanity from New York onwards, and now to the Brooklyn Nets.

Can he handle the pressure?

NBA fans believed that he would be able to put in an average of 28 points and 11 assists per game in Houston when he was first moved. After all, he had just established himself as live threat for his fast-paced attacks to the basket, three-point shooting, and passing ability even under pressure.

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His popularity sored even higher when his team played against the Los Angeles Lakers where Jeremy Lin outscored Kobe Bryant with 38 points and 7 assists, after which Bryant publicly praised his skill level.

But Jeremy Lin has struggled since he’s left New York. He’s been outplayed from his position not only by James Harden but even to back up Tony Douglas.

Lin’s shooting with the Rockets dropped to 33% and although there were times where he would pick up and put in some great numbers, he’s been inconsistent all throughout, from Houston to L.A. and Charlotte.

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It’s like the Linsanity magic has vanished since Lin left New York, but now playing for the Brooklyn Nets, the expectations seem to be rejuvenated.

Jeremy Lin was selected as the NBA’s best starting point guard in a HoopsHype poll, according to a report by Yibada. He’s gathered 3,200 votes, which surpasses Stephen Curry and Russel Westbrook whose vote count are less than half his.

Although the poll obviously shows Lin’s popular appeal, his performances over the past years are hardly at par with the poll results.

His injuries have greatly affected his outside shooting, and his ability to handle the pressure to keep up with the idea of Linsanity seems to be weighing him down.

Upon his arrival in Brooklyn he even mentioned about Linsanity being a burden, and that he’d rather accept his new role as a veteran leader.

“When it first started, I’m not going to lie, it was cool, and then it became a burden.” Jeremy Lin said when asked about fans’ expectations of the Linsanity brand, according to the New York Times.

“I didn’t really know what I had gotten myself into. One, two, three, four years later, every year I embrace it more. Every year I’m more appreciative, every year I love it more.” He added.

Will Jeremy Lin be able to supersede expectations of being voted as the league’s top playmaker? Will he be better than Stephen Curry or Russell Westbrook?

His lingering knee and back injury will play a big role when the season starts, but it seems far fetched that he’ll be able to outperform the top point guards in the league based on his recent showing.

But who knows? For a player who simply fought for minor playing time with the Knicks to the player he is respected to be now, to rule out that he can still be the best is just insane.

Photo Courtesy: @jlin7/Instagram

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