Jeremy Lin news: Playing with Anthony Davis, Kenny Atkinson and Brook Lopez connection

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Jeremy Lin news
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Jeremy Lin news reveal that the Nets point guard wanted to play with Anthony Davis in New Orleans, and that he was intrigued with the Pelicans’ D’Antoni-inspired offense.

Anthony Davis, at 6’10, is a defensive monster. He ranked first in the NBA in blocks in 2014 and 2015, and is a 3x all-star. Jeremy Lin openly mentioned Anthony Davis as his favorite teammate where he could just throw the ball in the air, and “he will dunk it.”

According to a report by ESPN, Jeremy Lin had wanted to play with New Orleans, but they weren’t willing to pay what the Nets were willing to, which paved the way back to New York.

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Jeremy Lin news came of no surprise that he wanted to play with the Pelicans for their D’Antoni-inspired offense ‘cause he knows it suits his playing style, that’s focused on a quick-strike offense.

It’s the same “Seven Seconds or Less” offense that brought out the Linsanity brand to flourish.

But practically no one wanted Lin in their team after his stint with the Lakers. He wanted to play for the Mavericks too, but they preferred Deron Williams over him.

“I didn’t realize that my value had dropped so much during my one season with the Lakers.” Jeremy Lin said.

But when everything seemed so down, it was his faith that kept him moving forward. Prior to his decision to play for Brooklyn his discussions with family and friends was followed by an hour of prayer for guidance.

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The Brooklyn Nets “were never legitimately a contender in terms of where I wanted to go.” Jeremy Lin said in a report by Nets Daily.

But thanks to Kenny Atkinson who’s convinced him to stay. “I really got to know him and started to appreciate him more. It was really a friendship. Your coach is usually your mentor, but we’d go out and mix it up a bit, playing a lot of one-on-one during my younger days. I think he liked my energy.” Kenny Atkinson said.

Lin’s connection with Kenny Atkinson goes way back to his Linsanity days in New York where Kenny was an assistant coach.

Instead of Anthony Davis, he has a partner in Brook Lopez whom he believes will make things easier for him.

“The guy can score every which way. He has soft hands. He is the biggest human being ever. He is so talented.” Jeremy Lin said of Brook Lopez in a report by SB Nation.

Is Brook Lopez a better tandem for him than Anthony Davis now that things have turned around differently? Will a Jeremy Lin partnership with Kenny Atkinson bring back the best of Linsanity?

“His dedication, his focus, his stubbornness. His love and passion for the game, and him always playing with a chip on his shoulder.” Kenny Atkinson said, on Jeremy Lin news that both of them mesh so well.

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