Jeremy Lin poised to battle Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving, & best guards in NBA

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Jeremy Lin, Photo courtesy: Twitter/@JLin7
Jeremy Lin positions himself to revive career with Nets, battle best guards in NBA, Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving

Jeremy Lin’s net worth may have increased significantly by signing with the Nets, but it’s the intangibles that matter most at least at this point in terms of revitalizing his career.

Jeremy Lin contract of $36 million for 3 years may have caused Cavs guard J.R. Smith envy, but nothing seems more valuable for Lin right now than getting a leadership spot and increased playing time to prove his worth once more.

He has put himself in a great position to improve many facets of his game.

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Plus, the fact that his case for not having drawn a single flagrant foul in all of 813 hard fouls he’s taken since 2013 has come to the attention of the NBA’s top management.

This means refs may be extra careful next time in officiating when he’s involved to avoid added controversy; a brighter spotlight may be cast on him this coming season, affording him fair protection.

“I’m just psyched that the fans are trying to do something about it and trying to push the league to at least review some of the stuff.” Jeremy Lin said in an interview with SB Nation when asked for comments about fans defending him as a victim of bad ref decisions.

This means he’d have lesser chances of getting roughed up, allowing his nagging injuries to heal completely. Would this appeal to him as an opportunity to be more aggressive driving down the lane to draw more fouls? Probably so.

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Would a healthy Lin be able to compete with the likes of Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving?

Jeremy Lin may not be up for re-living his Linsanity days. He feels the Linsanity brand has become a burden and looks forward to bring in more leadership for the Brooklyn Nets.

He may have surpassed Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving in the polls for the league’s best point guard, but he still has to prove he can stand up against the best guards in the NBA right now.

What’s important is that he’s poised himself for a positive future. He’s been practicing on his shooting tirelessly, making it adjust to his maturity, style and leadership. It’s safe to say we can expect a more stable Lin in 2017.

Jeremy Lin is smart. He’s perhaps the smartest guy in the NBA, and he knows his chances of performing at his best is now at the helm with him as a starter for the Brooklyn Nets, playing more valuable minutes, making game adjustments, and getting better calls (hopefully).

Add all this to the fact that he has more experience now, and we have a recipe for a great comeback.

Imagine that with a fancy Jeremy Lin hair for better effects.

Now bring on Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving, and whatnots.

Photo courtesy: Twitter/@JLin7

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