Jeremy Lin popularity, NBA’s best role model along with Stephen Curry

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Jeremy Lin
Photo courtesy: Instagram/jlin7, Jeremy Lin the NBA’s best son and role model

In a league full of athletes who capitalize on supreme athleticism and talent to succeed, Jeremy Lin stands out in a distinct light that has made him one of, if not the most popular player in the NBA.

Jeremy Lin may not have the size and speed of LeBron James, the shooting prowess of Stephen Curry, the athleticism of Russell Westbrook, but his intelligence is a stable underlying force in his game and overall persona.

Sure, he does tend to overthink situations at times, which causes him to commit turnovers as mentioned in a report by the Fan Sided, but it also makes him adaptable and resilient.

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In a league dominated with power and muscle his game is able to flourish in spite of being a clear underdog, for his mental strength, attitude and basketball IQ.

Jeremy Lin was considered “the weakest guy in the team” in Harvard as a freshman, but ended up being the only player ranked in the top ten in his conference for scoring (17.8), rebounding (5.5), assists (4.3), steals (2.4), blocked shots (0.6), field goal percentage (0.502), free throw percentage (0.744), and three-point percentage (0.400).

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God loves the underdog, and so do the fans. When people watch him play, they can’t help but see themselves in him; the idea that one doesn’t need to have special physical attributes to make it big in the NBA.

It’s no surprise that Jeremy Lin won in a poll for being the best point guard in the NBA over Stephen Curry and Russell Westbrook, although it mainly represents numbers that indicate his popularity.

It doesn’t also mean that Lin can’t outshine Stephen Curry or Russell Westbrook although the chances are quite low. It’s the fight within him that makes fans crazy, reminiscent of his Linsanity days at its peak going head-to-head against Kobe Bryant.

Despite the popularity of the Linsanity brand, Lin remains down-to-earth and a beloved family man who, according to a report by CBS Sports, styled his hair as a tribute to his nephew.

It brings him closer to us, winning our hearts singlehandedly even off the court. And when he plays he dedicates his performance for the glory of God that few wouldn’t consider him as the NBA’s best son and role model.

Photo courtesy: Instagram/jlin7

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