Jeremy Lin stats expected to improve, IQ kinship with Brook Lopez; leadership & support for Colin Kaepernick anthem stance

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The Linsanity brand brought about a profile, a new set of expectations that may have become unsustainable for point guard Jeremy Lin that it has eventually bore its weight on his shoulders. Exacerbated by injuries, his game became affected, and his love for the game gradually dried up.

Jeremy Lin stats crumbled following his stint with the Knicks. He got supplanted by James Harden in Houston and had a forgettable season with the Lakers. As the chants for Linsanity grew louder from an expectant crowd, its weight became heavier, under the pressure to live up to its dream.

According to a report by ESPN Jeremy Lin said, “I think for a while I lost that joy for the game. For a while, it wasn’t fun playing.”

But he’s rekindled his love for the game during his stay in Charlotte, thanks to coach Steve Clifford, where he says they “played the right way, we moved the ball, we played as a team. It was just beautiful. It just brought back everything I thought basketball to be, and I had so much fun with it.”

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Jeremy Lin stats may be past its dark days, as he looks forward to playing with new teammate Brook Lopez with whom he feels he has a strong connection with. Along with Brooklyn’s young talents, he feels Brook Lopez is going to make his life easier.

“He (Brook Lopez) can pick and pop, pick and roll.  He can post up, back to the basket, face up, floaters, dunks. Everything. He’s definitely going to make my life a lot easier.” Jeremy Lin said in a report by Nets Daily.

More than that, their chemistry could be more of an IQ thing, as for being from Harvard and Stanford, “we tend to impose our intellectual dominance over everybody else.” Lin said, jokingly, which is normally half-meant.

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What makes Lin famous, apart from his razzle-dazzle moves, is his basketball IQ, humility, and overall intelligence, which has become a sharp weapon in the game dominated with physicality.

He is also growing to become a leader for the rebuilding Nets. The Harvard product has chosen to play for Brooklyn because he’s always wanted to be a leader, and now he has that opportunity, coupled with increased minutes being a starter.

Are we about to witness something bigger, a personality more complete than the Linsanity brand? Something that’s more than a scoring machine, a wild buzzer-beater, and a force that is cohesive in bringing a team together?

Such leadership is manifested in his regard for unity in line with his support for the Colin Kaepernick anthem issue.

Jeremy Lin expressed that if the Nets engage in social issues or protests it should do it as a team or “not at all.”

The Colin Kaepernick anthem controversy raises concern regarding police brutality against African Americans.

With this clear manifestation of leadership by Jeremy Lin, coach Kenny Atkinson said, “I think we encourage our players to stand for the national anthem, but we also respect their individual rights. Jeremy is coming out and saying that I respect that and I respect his stance. But we’ll figure out how the players approach it. I respect what he said.”

Photo courtesy: Instagram/jlin7

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