Jeremy Lin Update: Linsanity willing take pay cut to stay in Charlotte

Jeremy Lin made it clear that he wants his “Linsanity” to stay with the Charlotte Hornets as he would even take a pay cut.

Jeremy Lin made it clear that he want “Linsanity” to stay with the Charlotte Hornets and the 27-year old San Francisco Bay Area native even stated that he would take a pay cut just to remain as part of the team’s core.

Though it’s true that his first year with the Hornets was a silent one, but Lin made huge contributions coming off the bench and sparking runs for the team. Even Rod Boone affirmed Lin’s statement on staying with the Hornets and would dismiss any trade offers.

“Jeremy Lin said he ‘absolutely’ wants to return to @hornets. Said he’d even take a discount and this season was most fun he’s had in @nba,” Boone posted on Twitter.

Lin signed a two-year contract with the Charlotte Hornets worth $4,374,255 guaranteed, and an annual average salary of $2,187,128. In 2015-16, Lin will earn a base salary of $2,139,000 and a cap hit of $2,139,000 while his dead money value is $4,374,255. For a price to pay a versatile ball handler teams would want to raise the stakes higher to get his services and the Hornets’ front office know of that.

Though rumors are swelling that Lin would opt out of the Hornets since he is not in the priority list. His contribution to the team has made an impact and has made the team’s management rethink of their future with Lin in it and he is not looking so much on who is the higher bidder as reflected on his decision to join the Hornets last summer. Thus, there is a possibility that Lin could stay and take the pay cut.

The Hornets are in a dilemma as Lin, Nicloas Batum, Marvin Williams, Al Jefferson and Courtney Lee are weighing their options regarding the free agency market. Unless the Hornets makes drastic moves, these players will then sign with other teams and the thought of getting back into the playoffs will be another thing in the past for the Hornets.

Lin has been averaging a descent 11.7 points with three assists and 3.2 rebounds in his 13.8 minutes inside the court, thus making huge contributions to the Hornets’ cause, despite losing the first round of the Playoffs to the Miami Heat. Given the chance to play again in Charlotte, Lin will surely let loose of his “Linsanity” they way he rise to stardom back with the New York Knicks.

Photo Courtesy: Jeremy Lin @JLin7/Twitter

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