Jeremy Lin’s next NBA team: 5 possible destinations in 2016 offseason

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Jeremy Lin
Jeremy Lin (Photo courtesy: Instagram/jlin7)

Jeremy Lin has an opt-in option in his current contract with the Charlotte Hornets so he has a chance to move to another NBA team if he decides to leave in the 2016 offseason. Where will the Asian-American point guard land next season?

Would he stay with the Hornets even though he is not a starter? Would he choose to move on to another squad if he thinks he’d be in a better situation with regards to playing time and role with the team?

Here are 5 teams that could be interested in Jeremy Lin if he hits free agency in the summer of 2016:

1. San Antonio Spurs – Tony Parker is not the same anymore and is already 33 years old. The French point guard is better off coming off the bench as his defense is lacking at this point of his career.

The Spurs don’t have salary cap space next season but Lin gave the Hornets a discount and he could again give San Antonio the same discount next year especially because the Spurs will remain title contenders with the presence of stars Kawhi Leonard and LaMarcus Aldridge.

2. Brooklyn Nets – The Nets need a starting point guard and Jeremy Lin might just be the solution in their problem. Lin back in New York will also be a good story as he can relive “Linsanity” all over again and this time playing for his former team New York Knicks’ biggest rivals.

3. Philadelphia 76ers – The 76ers also need a point guard and Lin will provide the veteran leadership for the young team. With their front court already set, the 76ers will need an established backcourt and they can start with Lin at the point guard spot.

4. New York Knicks – Lin back to New York? It is still a possibility as the franchise moves on to a different direction in making Kristaps Porzingis their franchise player. Carmelo Anthony may or may not stay in New York and could be traded. The New York team is very weak at point guard and they need a starting point guard quality like Lin.

5. Sacramento Kings – Rajon Rondo may leave in the offseason because of the controversies in Sacramento. Jeremy Lin will immediately start for the Kings if he signs with the California team. Lin’s ability to penetrate and run the team will also be a good fit with star DeMarcus Cousins, if the Kings do not trade him next season.

The Hornets are on their way to the 2016 NBA Playoffs and Lin can leave a good impression on other NBA teams if he performs well in the postseason. Will he stay in Charlotte? Or will other teams provide a better opportunity and role for Jeremy Lin next season?

Photo courtesy: Instagram/jlin7

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