Kevin Durant and Draymond Green team up against stuffing stats, possible jab at Russell Westbrook

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Draymond Green, Kevin Durant, DeMarcus Cousins
Draymond Green, Kevin Durant, DeMarcus Cousins

Kevin Durant may be the Warriors ‘ number one priority when it comes to executing their offense, but overall they are well known for their teamwork. They all get the chance to shine, and Draymond Green did very well against the Nuggets.

Thanks to a great team effort, and an outstanding performance by Draymond Green the Warriors beat the Nuggets 127-119 on Monday.

Draymond Green secured his last rebound with 28.9 seconds left and scored 15 points and 13 assists. It was his second triple double of the season.

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In terms of triple doubles, nobody has been doing it more this season than Russell Westbrook. In fact, nobody has averaged a triple double since the great Oscar Robertson.

Russell Westbrook may not be in perfect terms with Kevin Durant since the latter left OKC for Golden State. And being such a solid team, most fans think Durant and Draymond Green may be taking a subtle shot at Westbrook.

Draymond Green implies Russell Westbrook stuffing stats?

The Warriors are currently 30-5. They’ve also won their 8th straight game at home. As far as the Warriors are concerned the game is all about winning. What do individual stats do if one loses in the end?

“As long as we win, and have a good team. It’s not about chasing stats.” Draymond Green said in a report by SBNation.

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It’s not that Green may be holding back on his individual performance. It’s not just his goal, so to speak.

“Nah, I don’t care (about triple-doubles) at all. It’s not really a focus of mine,” he said. “Trust me, if I cared, I’d have a lot more than — what do I have, one this year? Two? I’d have a lot more than that if I cared. It really doesn’t matter to me. As long as we win, we have a great team. It’s not about chasing stats,” Draymond Green added.

Kevin Durant chimes in

As if playing back up to Green on the court, Kevin Durant parallels his statement.

“I know one thing Draymond doesn’t care about, it’s triple-doubles,” Kevin Durant told Yahoo! Sports.

But who knows if there’s another storyline to their statements. Is it against Russell Westbrook? Are they trying to irk him, get into his head prior to their game on the 18th?

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