Kevin Durant to GSW: NBA heel inspiration from WWE

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Kevin Durant leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors is the major NBA storyline of the week. The news has rocked the basketball fraternity and Durant has been compared to a negative character in the situation. The negativism of Durant’s actions could be compared to that of a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) heel character.

For those who are unaware with what “heel” means, it’s the term used to define a negative character in professional wrestling. The positive characters on the other hand are known as a
“face”. The super-good ones are called “baby faces”.

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Kevin Durant selecting the Golden State Warriors and abandoning the Thunder’s is a storyline taken straight out of a WWE creative’s mind. A similar instance which comes to mind is when the famous wrestling stable “The Shield” broke up.

The Shield comprised of three superstars, namely Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins betrayed his stable mates by turning on them. The Oklahoma City Thunder had the similar trio of Durant, Steven Adams and Russell Westbrook. Durant’s choice of leaving the Thunder for the Warriors could be related to that of what Rollins did. The situation was brilliantly highlighted in a YouTube video as well.

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Another instance showed Durant attempting a Shawn Michaels’ sweet-chin-music.

Some even went on to reincarnate the New World Order (NOW) days, where Curry is shown to welcome Durant into the revolution.

Social Media is always known to be creative in a controversial scenario. They did not fail this time as well and we hope that similar creative content will follow for some more time to come.

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