Kevin Durant joins Golden State Warriors to become NBA legend, fulfills Joe Lacob & Bob Myer’s wishes

Kevin Durant joins Golden State Warriors to become an NBA legend
Kevin Durant joins Golden State Warriors to fulfill his wish to become an NBA legend through helping team to regain Warriors as NBA champions next season.

Kevin Durant joins the Golden State Warriors this week. Along with his confirmation, various rumors and harsh reactions from fans were heard. Despite the rants, the former Oklahoma City Thunder’s small forward remained adamant with his decision.

Different speculations were made about the real reason behind Kevin Durant’s sudden decision on choosing Golden State Warriors for the next NBA season. Albeit the obvious reasons include a multi-million dollar contract, many fans remain curious of his choice.

According to Mercury News, the $54.3M deal with Warriors was not really that important for the former Oklahoma City Thunder small forward Kevin Durant. The report mentioned that he told people of his appreciation of the GSW franchise more than any other team before the previous season ended.

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Durant also stated he wanted to play with Curry and the gang. He fell in love with Steve Kerr’s game system as well as Silicon Valley sensibilities of Joe Lacob’s front office.

These hinted his deep interest of joining the team during the last season. In fact, his condition was if Oklahoma City Thunder won’t make it in championship, it will be his signal to make his final decision on joining Warriors.

The same source pointed out Durant’s clear intention on helping Warriors to regain the title as champion in the next NBA season. In that way, he will gain much from his reputation and later recognized as the NBA legend.

Moreover, the newly slated Golden State Warriors “most lethal five” were already predicted. The team will include Draymond Green (center), Kevin Durant (power forward), Andre Iguodala (small forward), Klay Thompson (shooting guard), and Stephen Curry (point guard).

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Meanwhile, Durant’s presence in Golden State Warriors created much of a doubt. Based from the speculations, he might have also thought of creating jeopardy through opting-out in the next NBA season. He might use the fan rage with his decision to leave Oklahoma City Thunders and joining forces with Curry & Co. This might not be true at all.

“It really pains me to know that I will disappoint so many people with this choice, but I believe I am doing what I feel is the right thing at this point on my life and my playing career, Durant said.

In summary, fans will have to wait until the nearing NBA season and see whether the predicted “most lethal five” will work out best for Golden State Warriors.

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