Kevin Durant News: Andrew Bogut reveals Golden State Warriors don’t actually need KD for NBA, GM only wants business resulting to Aussie’s forced trade

Kevin Durant News on Golden State Warriors forcing Andrew Bogut trade
Kevin Durant news on landing to Golden State Warriors became the most talked issue especially on forcing GSW center Andrew Bogut’s trade as a free agent.

Kevin Durant news on landing to Golden State Warriors from Oklahoma City Thunders is somewhat controversial. However, even the Warriors didn’t understand why they need to have him in the team.

Andrew Bogut was reportedly traded to allow Kevin Durant join the team. Various sources mentioned that GSW management was disappointed with Bogut’s performance in the NBA Finals, which later resulted to the decision to trade him over Oklahoma City Thunder’s small forward.

Monte Poole from CSN Bay Area explained why they have to trade Andrew Bogut to get Kevin Durant in their team. “In 52 minutes over the first four games of The Finals, Bogut snagged 12 rebounds, never more than 5 in a game,” he said.

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“Cavs big man Tristan Thompson, who during the game span played 110 minutes, grabbed 37 rebounds. Backup Timofey Mozgov grabbed seven rebounds in 21 minutes,” Poole added.

He also added that Golden State Warriors management based their final decision on letting of their Aussie center from his offensive numbers made for the team. For them, they were not as impressive for his role.

This may make sense if the Warriors know why they need Kevin Durant in their team. However, Andrew Bogut revealed that they don’t know the reason behind this decision. He stated that it’s either GSW owner or GM’s business.

“Guys have definitely asked questions (about Durant’s free agency). We’re not immune to it. We’ve seen it. We’ve seen the rumors, heard the rumors, all that kind of stuff. Different guys at different times have been scratching thier head and thinking, ‘Why?'” Bogut cited.

“The only way we can dispel all that stuff is maybe we’ve got to win five straight. Who knows? It’s one of those things we can’t really control, but we can control trying to make them make a tough decision,” he added.

He ended his statement with something fishy about Golden State Warriors management. He referred to the players’ contracts and how they can possibly alter decisions on the date of ending the contract regardless when and how they will end it.

“We’ve had two good years. Guys definitely find it interesting. But we understand that it’s a business and you’re not going to be able to stop. If an owner or a GM wants to do something, they’re going to do it,” Bogut stated.

This line became more controversial as his contract with Golden State Warriors will end in 2017 yet he was forcibly traded for Kevin Durant as a free agent. NBA mentioned he asked for an extension until October to be a free agent.

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“We all hear the rumors of other guys coming through here, so if that kind of stuff happens they’ll be shedding of some contracts, so who knows what can happen?” Bogut continued.

Disappointed by this Kevin Durant news on GSW, Andrew Bogut removed all Warriors-themed images in in his Twitter account.

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