Kevin Durant vs. Draymond Green Feud: Part of tactic, motivational ploy

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Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors
PHOTOGRAPH: Keith Allison/Flickr | Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors

Is there a Kevin Durant vs. Draymond Green conflict within the Golden State Warriors camp? According to the former, it was an intentional tactic “to rile up” in a recent altercation seen between two of the Warriors best players. There is no real feud according to some Warriors and it was just part of a strategy to motivate Durant.

According to an ESPN report, Green admitted to purposely shouting and throwing expletives at his superstar teammate. The words, “F—k you” were caught in video many times between Green and Durant. Fans and media took the altercation as something deeper and that there are chemistry issues within the Warriors. However, Green’s admission has doused these rumors saying it was a motivational ploy to fire up Durant.

Green admits shouting at Durant part of a tactic

“Nothing in general. It was actually a tactic. But that’s for us to know and for everyone else to figure out,” Green said to ESPN about the cause of the altercation with Durant.

“If you can’t [have a dispute], you’re probably on a losing team. But everybody that makes a big deal out of it probably are losers. So that’s how I view it. Anyone who knows anything about winning know that’s what happens. It just is what it is.”

In the same article, Kerr stated that what happened between Kevin Durant vs. Draymond Green was “normal” and he downplayed the rumors that it was something worse. Warriors point guard Stephen Curry also agreed with his head coach.

“You know, it’s really nothing. It comes from a place of respect between everybody on the team. Nobody takes anything personally, nobody goes home and cries about it,” Curry added. “Everybody wants to win. People might get heated, might happen in front of cameras. Those kind of conversations need to happen so we can continue to get better, to not get complacent.”

Not the first Kevin Durant vs. Draymond Green altercation

The Kevin Durant vs. Draymond Green altercation happened in the Warriors game versus the Sacramento Kings. Golden State lost, 109-106 in overtime to snap a five-game winning streak. The Warriors still have the best record in the league with a 43-8 record.

This is not the first Kevin Durant vs. Draymond Green issue this season. Earlier this year, they were also seen jawing at each other while the game was on going. Both players said then that it was part of the team’s growth.

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Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/Wikimedia Commons

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