Kevin Durant’s 20 point streak should never end, says Kobe Bryant

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Photo of Durant by Keith Allison from Owings Mills, USA

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook presented Kobe Bryant with a special gift during the Lakers’ legend final road game on Monday against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Durant also revealed that he wanted to destroy Kobe Bryant’s Los Angeles Lakers. Bryant on the other hand feels, Durant is the most consistent scorer of the league.

Who is the most surreal scorer in the league? Undoubtedly it’s MVP Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors. But the Black Mamba pointed out that Durant is “most consistently devastating” scorer.

And the numbers back Bryant’s opinion. Durant dropped 34 points against the Lakers on Monday night to extend his “at least 20 point” streak to 64 games. He surpassed Kobe Bryant’s best of 63 games with at least 20 points. Michael Jordan is ahead of him in this regard. In 1990-91, Jordan’s 20-point run continued for 69 games. But Jordan’s best run was during 1987 December-to- 1988 December period, when he posted 20 points or above in 72 consecutive games.

So, Durant is the most consistent and prolific scorer of the league now. In contrast, the reigning MVP’s longest run with 20 or more points lasted for only 14 games during last season, as reported by the Fox Sports.

Wilt Chamberlain, Oscar Robertson and Connie Hawkins all surpassed Jordan’s 72-game-20-point streak during their prime times. This season it’s no longer possible for Durant to set up a new NBA record, but next season offers him with an opportunity to smash all the previous records and set a new milestone as the most consistent scorer.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison

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