Knicks News: Derrick Rose not seeking a max contract but wants to get paid like Stephen Curry and CP3

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Derrick Rose expressed his intention to re-sign with the New York Knicks once he becomes a free agent next summer. The latest buzz reveals that the former MVP will no longer seek for a maximum contract but expect the same deal as Stephen Curry or Chris Paul.

The 2017 NBA free agency will be loaded with superstars like Curry, Paul, Blake Griffin and Kyle Lowry. Derrick Rose will also be part of the mix but intends to stay in New York. Last month, Ian Begley of ESPN revealed that a source close to Rose revealed that he’s seeking a max contract next summer.

Rose is reportedly seeking a five-year, $150 million deal next summer. As Begley notes, the Knicks need to use all their salary cap space to re-sign the 28-year-old point guard. Also, Knicks president Phil Jackson is interested in acquiring guard Jrue Holiday in the upcoming free agency. Recently, Stefan Bondy of New York Daily News reported that signing a maximum contract is no longer Rose’s No. 1 priority.

“See it here and there but it doesn’t drive me anymore. Like I always been driven by playing basketball and wanting to be the best. Like (money) numbers, of course you got to know it because of how I grew up,” Rose told. “I grew up around the streets. Hustling. You see numbers, you can’t look over them. But I’m just happy that I have an opportunity for them to see how I perform and let them see what I’m worth.”

Still, Derrick Rose doesn’t want to be lowballed next summer. The former MVP knows he has the ability to compete against elite point guards in the league. Though he’s not eyeing a long-term deal, Rose expects to be paid equal to Stephen Curry and Chris Paul.

Derrick Rose believe the Knicks could enter the playoffs

Rose’s future in New York remains uncertain as the Knicks are reportedly considering to undergo a rebuilding process. Some people believe that the Knicks should tank in order to acquire a potential superstar in the upcoming NBA draft. However, their current roster isn’t fit with the idea. Rose and coach Jeff Hornacek believe that the Knicks could still bounce back in the upcoming games.

“We do have veteran guys. We still believe we can get on a roll,” Hornacek said. “The way the East has been all of a sudden you look at Miami wins 12 or 13 in a row. So our thoughts are, why can’t we suddenly roll off seven or eight in a row? You win seven or eight in a row, all of a sudden you climb that ladder pretty fast in the East. That’s what we’re looking at.”

Rose’s future will be determined by the outcome of the 2016-17 NBA season. If they manage to enter the playoffs, there is a higher possibility that Rose will stay. However, if they fail, Rose may need to find another team willing to give him a good deal.

Photo courtesy: Jim Larrison/

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