Knicks Rumors: Phil Jackson regrets trading for Derrick Rose; ‘Zen Master’ sees no reason to re-sign Rose if the team struggles next season

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In need of a point guard, the New York Knicks decided to engage in a trade deal with the Chicago Bulls to acquire Derrick Rose. However, in the nearing 2016-17 NBA season, some people are still questioning Rose’s ability to help the Knicks revive their legacy.

Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, and Courtney Lee are the newest addition in the New York Knicks that made them consider as one of the ‘Super Teams’. However, one of their starters, Derrick Rose, was accused of raping his ex-girlfriend together with his two friends.

According to USA Today Sports, a civil lawsuit seeking for more than $21 million to the Knicks point guard is set for trial on October 4. Rose’s lawyer denied the accusation, saying that it was a pure and simple extortion by a plaintiff who wanted to remain anonymous.

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Knicks president Phil Jackson said that they were aware of the allegation before the team traded for Derrick Rose. After the news spread, there are rumors that the Knicks may suspend Rose if proven guilty in the court.

“Aware of it. Investigation is a big word. But aware of it, yes.” Jackson said.

Another thing that concerned the Knicks is Rose’s multiple injuries in the past season. Though they have Brandon Jennings to back him up, the former Magic point guard is also injury prone.

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Luckily, if the Derrick Rose experiment fails, the New York Knicks can let him go when he will become a free agent next year. The Knicks’ current goal is to give Carmelo Anthony his first NBA championship title.

Phil Jackson’s decision to surround Anthony with quality players basically means that they are serious about winning the title now. However, if one of their starters will be lost due to suspension or injury, the Knicks will wait for another year to make Anthony’s dream come true.

Photo courtesy: Jim Larrison/

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