Kobe Bryant’s life after NBA, expecting new ‘Baby Mamba’

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Kobe Bryant (Photo Courtesy: Alexandra Walt/Flickr)

Kobe Bryant posts baby Kobe 11s on Instagram as an announcement that the couple is expecting a third baby. Kobe Bryant, who just ended his career in the NBA last season, will have more family time transitioning into retirement life.

Many professional athletes end up having difficulties after their careers. It’s a drastic shift from the busy life of travel, endless training regimens and competition.

The same way rookies have a hard time adapting to the fast paced style of game of the NBA, retirees struggle going out. The same was expected of Kobe Bryant, who is widely known for his insane work ethic.

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Kobe Bryant may have retired from the game, but he won’t be away from the spotlight, they say. Some even expect him to return someday.

Kobe Bryant is unlike most players, though, and more so, it seems, with the way he’s dealing with retirement life.

The family has been a comfort zone for him. Since exiting the NBA, Kobe Bryant has spent so much time with his wife and kids. He has been involved so much in his daughters’ sports activities.

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Natalia plays soccer, while her younger daughter Gianna loves basketball just like him. Not to mention, that his wife Vanessa got skills too. Looks like Kobe Bryant’s influence reach out not just to basketball fans, but within his family as well.

While depression is not uncommon among players coping with retirement, Bryant will have his hands full with the coming of their new baby and channeling his energies with the family. That should give him more meaning, and validation in life.

Apart from family life, he maintains his strict regimen in the gym and focuses on his entrepreneurial aspirations. His first investment was in 2014 with BodyArmor sports drink, and now Kobe Inc. that has filed to trademark the name “Black Mamba” last May.

If there’s a positive thing about Kobe’s injuries prior to retirement, it is that it gave him time to think about his life after the NBA.

His wisest investment is in his family.

Photo courtesy: Alexandra Walt/Flickr

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