Kobe Bryant news: Black Mamba offered to join ‘Inside the NBA’

Sources are saying that Kobe Bryant might accept the offer to be a member of the panel at TNT’s “Inside the NBA.”

Days after his retirement from the NBA, Kobe Bryant receives a job offer and it’s to join a panel at TNT’s “Inside the NBA.”

TMZ reported that TNT has officially reached out to the Black Mamba to join their panelists that include Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley, Ernie Johnson and Shaq. If Kobe agrees, it will be a reunion of sorts for him and Shaq, who have been teammates during their playing days with the Los Angeles Lakers. No official word has been out yet if Kobe will be part of the broadcast team in the ongoing NBA playoffs or will he be joining the group next season.

Though sources have stated that Kobe is giving it much weight, which will be part of his post-NBA career aside from being busy with his company Kobe Inc. Though it would seem unlikely to see Kobe doing a post game analysis, one thing is sure, TNT would love to have him in their team that will stretch until the NBA Finals slated in June.

Lakers Nation points out that it would be interesting to see Kobe in the show as he could best give some insights on the progress of the playoffs and comments on how the team will be able to advance to the next round.

However, whatever Kobe decides to take upon his during his retirement is for him to keep as Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak stated over ESPN that he is all praises for Kobe’s outstanding 60-point performance to end his NBA career on a high note but reality has it, that they have to live a life beyond Kobe.

“It is too hard to close the book on this chapter But it has come to that point where we have to do it, Kupchak said.

Kupchak explained that since Kobe’s salary and status will be off the books together with some players who will be shipped out, they are looking at $60 million in spending spree this summer to land a superstar from among the free agents who would follow the reign of Kobe with the Lakers such as the Heat’s Hassan Whiteside, Hawks’ Al Horford and the Thunder’s Kevin Durant.

Photo Courtesy: Christopher Jonson/Flickr

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