Kyrie Irving better than Stephen Curry? Olympic performance vs Australia re-ignites comparison

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Kyrie Irving helped the US men’s basketball team big time against Australia when he made a heroic effort with 1:35 left in the game, shooting a crucial 3-pointer for a 98-88 win. It was a game the US was losing badly in many ways, and it’s funny how it re-opened comparisons with Stephen Curry.

Some fans tend to think the US men’s basketball team would’ve lost to Australia with Stephen Curry instead, although both players have similar styles.

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What makes Stephen Curry dangerous is his quick release, added to the fact that he can take shots at a range that borders the ridiculous. His 3-point ability allows him to be more creative with the ball, drawing defenders, faking shots, plus, he has a better court vision.

Kyrie Irving, on the other hand, is quicker and can handle the ball better. He also makes lesser turnovers, and can split double teams, which makes him a better finisher at close range.

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It’s hard to say who’s better between the two, and perhaps that can be answered strictly only on a case-to-case basis, which may not be conclusive anyway.

Meanwhile, Steve Kerr earlier revealed that Stephen Curry’s injury, which he suffered after playing against the Houston Rockets prompted the Warriors to make adjustments in terms of play calling and actions they tried to run in the NBA finals against Cleveland.

Stephen Curry wasn’t 100% against the Cavaliers, but Steve Kerr didn’t make it an excuse for losing.

According to a report by FoxSports Steve Kerr said, “It’s still about flow and rhythm and pace. We tried a few different things – and let’s not forget, he was phenomenal in a few games.”

Had Stephen Curry been healthy, analysts believe that the Cleveland Cavaliers would still have won it for strategizing a physical game against Curry, going strong against him on defense, body to body; in effect limiting him so he could not have done better even if he was healthy.

During the NBA finals, Kyrie Irving outscored Stephen Curry by 6 pts. per game with a better percentage at 48% vs. 42% respectively.

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