Lakers News: Former coach Byron Scott doesn’t see any improvement with D’Angelo Russell’s work ethic

PHOTOGRAPH: Keith Allison/Flickr | D’Angelo Russell of the Los Angeles Lakers

Former NBA head coach Byron Scott talked about the Los Angeles Lakers, Luke Walton, and his former players. Scott gave his insight on D’Angelo Russell in regards with his work ethic.

“I don’t know if his work ethic has gotten any better. Some of the people I’ve talked to in the organization said that it hasn’t,” Scott said of Russell. “I just wish him all the best. The maturity level will catch up to him sooner or later when he realizes it’s an honor and a privilege to be in the NBA and be in the position that he’s in. He has to take full advantage of it.”

Byron Scott on relationship with Julius Randle and D’Angelo Russell

In his two-year stint as the Lakers head coach, Byron Scott never had a good relationship with his players, especially D’Angelo Russell. He came to the point that he demoted lottery picks Russell and Julius Randle to the bench. However, both players managed to regain the starting spot after the All-Star break.

Despite his rough relationship with the two players, Scott revealed that he’s a huge fan of Randle. He called the 22-year-old power forward a “terrific young man” who is “really mature for his age.” However, Scott felt different on Russell, especially with his work ethic and maturity on and off the court. Scott revealed the times when Russell arrived at the Lakers’ facility only minutes before practice started.

Unlike Scott, coach Luke Walton established a healthy environment and good relationship with the Lakers. However, Walton also has something to say for Russell regarding the ongoing process of establishing a routine. Lakers president of basketball operations Magic Johnson and general manager Rob Pelinka also urged Russell to continue improving his consistency, leadership, and conditioning this summer.

Byron Scott no plan to change his old-school type of coaching

Byron Scott has no regret about how he handle his players during his two-year stint in Los Angeles If given the opportunity to coach again, Scott said that he has no plan of changing his style, believing that it can lead to winning.

“Given that opportunity again,” Scott said. “I wouldn’t change anything, especially my approach. I don’t have a problem with young guys growing, understanding and developing in that (starting) role, but I do have a problem when they don’t cherish it, when they don’t hold it to a higher standard, when they don’t come ready to work.”

Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr

Video courtesy: Youtube/Colin Cowherd

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