Lakers News: Jim Buss says replacing him would be a ‘Big Mistake’; Jeanie Buss to decide brother’s fate

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Jim Buss, Jeanie Buss, Los Angeles Lakers
Photo courtesy: Josen Rosenberg/Wikimedia Commons

Lakers vice president of basketball operations Jim Buss vowed to vacate his position if the team will not make a deep playoff run this season. However, recently, Buss takes back what he said and thinks that it would be a “Big Mistake” to replace him.

In the past months, rumors continue to circulate regarding the return of Phil Jackson in Los Angeles. The “Zen Master” is currently the New York Knicks president of basketball operations. However, Jackson finally broke his silence, saying that he wanted to stay in New York.

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The 2016-17 NBA season marked the start of the new era of purple and gold after Kobe Bryant retired last season. Under coach Luke Walton, the Lakers made a surprising 10-10 start. However, after suffering multiple injuries, they are now 12-22, in the 11th spot in the Western Conference.

Jim Buss, one of the Lakers bosses, promised to step down if the Lakers will not make a deep playoff run. Lakers president Jeanie Buss honored her brother’s timeline. And for her, just entering the second round of the playoffs also means falling short.

“That’s what he said, so I have to give him his time,” she said. “I have to.”

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With the currents status of the Lakers, obtaining a playoff spot would be a tough challenge. If Jim will stick to his words, it is very likely that he would lose a job after this season. However, according to Bill Oram of Orange County Register, Jim Buss now believes in a different measuring stick to calculate the team’s success.

“If I feel that the strides have been made,” Jim Buss said, “and the team is going in a very positive – not just a positive direction – a very positive direction, I don’t see a switch happening. I think it would be a big mistake on the Lakers’ part to make any switches.”

The Buss siblings both agreed that the season needs to play out before making any decision. When the 2016-17 NBA season ends, Jeanie Buss will be facing a tough decision choosing between his family and the future of the Lakers.

Photo courtesy: Josen Rosenberg/Wikimedia Commons

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