Lakers News: Jordan Clarkson needs to stop taking ‘unnecessary shots’, balance scoring and playmaking, says coach Luke Walton

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Jordan Clarkson is the best player of the LA Lakers
Jordan Clarkson is the best player of the LA Lakers

Lakers coach Luke Walton wants Jordan Clarkson to bring back his rookie performance where he can balance scoring and playmaking. The Filipino-American guard focused on improving his shooting to help the team win their succeeding games.

The Lakers struggled in December where they only managed to win one of their 10 games. After being hit by multiple injuries, they went on an eight-game losing streak. As most people noticed, it was not the lack of personnel that cause their struggle, but how they performed at both ends of the court.

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As of now, the Lakers finally realized what they need to improve. For Jordan Clarkson, he knew he needed to be a more efficient shooter. According to Mark Medina of LA Daily News, Clarkson, together with Brandon Ingram and D’Angelo Russell, worked with Lakers assistant coach Theo Robertson in the gym.

“We’re just trying to get back to winning,” Clarkson said.

Clarkson played most of the games coming off the bench. However, coach Luke Walton assures that he will still be having enough playing time to further develop his skills. Recently, Walton let Clarkson watch the last 10 games of his rookie season and encouraged him to bring back the same performance.

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Coach Luke Walton believes that Clarkson could be more useful for the team if he could balance scoring and playmaking. In some of their games, the Filipino-American guard took some unnecessary shots where he struggled to finish at times.

“We know he’s capable of doing it,” Walton said. “We kind of just want him to be in attack mode, but be ready to make the right play each time. Sometimes that’s a shot. Sometimes that’s a pass.”

In the last 10 games of his rookie season, Jordan Clarkson averaged 19.9 points on 49 percent shooting and seven assists. During that stretch, he became the Lakers starting point guard and mostly had the ball in his hands. Clarkson is undeniably one of the key players on the Lakers bench. But if he managed to balance scoring and playmaking, it will not be a surprise if Walton decides to put him in the starting lineup.

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