Lakers News: Jordan Clarkson unimpressive, LaMarcus Aldridge for Julius Randle, Brandon Ingram Lakers trade possible

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Lakers news on Jordan Clarkson
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The Lakers are at the threshold of a new era. Kobe Bryant has retired, and they’ve made strides in reconstructing their roster with a new coach. Has Jordan Clarkson attuned himself to his new role, as Lakers news project? Are the Lakers set for a great season?

Many basketball analysts back the idea that Jordan Clarkson deserves a starter position. He’s a good shooter, and has been improving defensively, that Lakers news say he’s only second to Nick Young. On his commitment to excel, he sees no end to it.

“It doesn’t stop. That’s our job. This is what we do. If you’re not in the gym, something is wrong with you. Some NBA players don’t work. But I’ve held my hat on that.” Jordan Clarkson said in a report by L.A. Daily News.

Jordan Clarkson accepted his new role on the bench, but on his preseason game against the Warriors Luke Walton said, “He wasn’t great tonight, but it’s a small sample size. The ball wasn’t as freely moving, and he didn’t seem to get as many good looks, rhythm looks, as he was getting with that second unit, but again it’s a small sample size.”

Is he lagging behind the team development? Lakers trade possible?

“It wasn’t anything Jordan Clarkson did,” Luke Walton said in a report by Lakers Nation. “I don’t think he got as many looks as he has with the other group. That’s something we’ll figure out if we want to try it again next game as a staff, probably talk to him a little bit and see what he’s thinking and how he’s feeling and make that decision tomorrow.”

Lakers trade keep popping up for a team that’s making major adjustments. Among the latest Lakers trade possibilities center on Julius Randle and Brandon Ingram.

According to a report by Yibada LaMarcus Aldrige could be a target for a future Lakers trade.

“The Spurs will see if this team outperforms expectations. If it doesn’t, they should take calls on LaMarcus Aldridge.  If opportunism meets desperation, the Spurs could fleece some rival and restock with a bundle of assets that better line up with Leonard’s timetable,” Zach Lowe said.

LaMarcus Aldridge is 31, and may opt-out next season. On a Lakers trade, it is reported that Julius Randle or Brandon Ingram Lakers could be a possibility.

Julius Randle is a solid post player who can rebound and Lakers news point he is also being developed into a Draymond Green-type of player

Apart from Julius Randle, Brandon Ingram Lakers rookie may also be considered a fit for the Spurs simply because they need a shooting wing player. Brandon Ingram could play as back up to Kawhi Leonard, and both could be a double threat for the team.

Brandon Ingram Lakers development is not yet in full swing. He hasn’t performed well in the preseason, but he’s still at the early stages of his learning curve. The Lakers are young, but it also means they have much time to be great, and adjustments could mean Jordan Clarkson could be moved back as a starter. Such is not a far out assessment, especially that Jordan Clarkson seems to be improving on defense.

Or should L.A. continue with their new set up? is Jordan Clarkson more effective off the bench?

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