Lakers News: Kobe Bryant was a “psycho-competitor”, says Devean George

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Kobe Bryant with the United States Olympic basketball team. (Photo Courtesy: Christopher Johnson/Wikimedia)

Kobe Bryant has featured many stars during his illustrious NBA career at Los Angeles Lakers. His former team-mates like Devean George, Brian Shaw, Horace Grant and Ron Harper took part in a show to discuss their memoirs of Kobe Bryant.

Devean George, like other former team-mates remembers Bryant as a silent competitor, who’s capable of driving the entire side. According to him, Bryant’s competitiveness reflected a different level.

“Kobe isn’t a loud competitor. He’s a quiet, psycho competitor. I believe he’s talking to himself inside, drilling himself. He’s at home watching film 24 hours a day when the cameras aren’t on him.

People know he works hard, but I think it’s almost underrated in a way. I don’t think the average person fully understands how psycho competitive he was because it didn’t end when the game was over and the lights went down. Seriously — I would go to the gym at 6 a.m., and Kobe would already be there dripping wet, ready to leave.”

As Bryant’s career is coming towards its end, he will be remembered by many fans and experts for his relentless drive. George also revealed in an interview with the Players Tribune, Bryant evolved to a legendary star as he dominated the NBA circuit for a prolonged period of 20 years.

“Kobe’s legacy is how long he sustained greatness. There’re so many levels of respect in the NBA. To be dominant for 20 years? That’s ultimate respect. That’s why you see all these great players now just in awe of him as he goes out the door. The NBA is great at figuring people out, but there’s a select few that you just can’t. Nobody ever really got at Kobe. The only person who was ever able to stop Kobe Bryant was father time.”

Bryant will be playing his last game at the Staples center on Wednesday as the Lakers host the Utah Jazz.

Photo Courtesy: Christopher Johnson/Wikimedia

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