Lakers News: L.A. sticks to their guns with D’Angelo Russell & young talents

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Lakers News, D'Angelo Russell
Lakers News, D’Angelo Russell

When D’Angelo Russell and the Lakers, with a young coach in Luke Walton taking over the helm, started the 2017 season strong they were able to grasp their potential quickly.

Along with their point guard D’Angelo Russell, other players like Julius Randle, Nick Young, and even rookie Brandon Ingram stepped up their game collectively, and not just at an individual level.

Lakers news was initially rife, coming off seasons with terrible records and the eventual retirement of superstar Kobe Bryant. But D’Angelo Russell made sure their leadership was not only on one man’s burden. His void is to be filled up by every Laker with focus and devotion to his job.

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How things can change so quickly in a frenzy-paced league. Now, Lakers news beset fans with their 1-10 slump. But the young team isn’t panicking. Thanks to their early success, they have held on to the belief that they will eventually get things right again.

Not their slinking record or injuries of D’Angelo Russell, Nick Young or Larry Nance Jr. is keeping them from their self-belief, or willingness to undergo the pains of growth.

Trusting the process, rebuilding naturally with young leaders like D’Angelo Russell

“If you grow from within, you control your own destiny,” coach Luke Walton said in a report by SilverScreenAndRoll. “That’s the game plan. We want to see what this group can do. We don’t want to rely on anything else — on free agency, or trades.”

Free agency or trades are the usual routes to go for teams under duress. They tend to seek help elsewhere, and go for a quick fix. The tendency is to ship young untested players for a superstar. It raises the team’s stock and therefore they are able to attract other talents along the way.

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But Lakers news reveals the team is sticking to their guns with the likes of D’Angelo Russell, Julius Randle and Brandon Ingram. They are willing to see their growth, having seen success earlier. This, even with injuries plaguing key players.

D’Angelo Russell is expected to return against the Heat.

“We’re fun to watch. We’re very competitive. We love our coaching staff. We love our young players. We’re going to have to be a little patient,” GM Mitch Kupchak said for Lakers news.

“We’re going to have to do our job which is to look at opportunities that may come up in the next month or two. And if there are none, which is fine with me, because I like the young guys on the team, then during the offseason we’ll have to look at opportunities.”

Team effort

It’s nice to see such a young team get together and decide to work things out no matter what. At their age, they act more than their years. They are like veterans in the field.

“We talk about it,” Larry Nance Jr. said in a report by Lakers Nation for Lakers News. “How this could be something special, as long as nobody gets too big for his britches — as long as we all realize we are part of something bigger, and nobody gets a big head.”

For the Lakers, greatness is not elsewhere.

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