Lakers News: Nick Young face of change, Lakers roster hungry to learn each day

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Nick Young, Soulja Boy, Luke Walton, Lakers
Lakers news on Nick Young, Soulja Boy, Luke Walton

Who would have thought of Nick Young still being part of the Lakers roster today, and the team winning 3 in a row after not having a winning record since the 2011-2012 season?

Change is good, but it also bears pain, sacrifice, and discipline. Just take a peek around American communities everywhere, post-Trump US election victory, and one sees that while change is needed, it doesn’t have to be reckless, and just for the sake of it.

Sometimes change could be misapprehended as an inability to finish what one had started, a lack of patience or the willingness to endure. For Lakers news and transformation, coach Luke Walton comes with a stable hand.

“That’s an ongoing process,” Luke Walton said in a report by LakersNation.

Luke Walton has expressed a bit of a surprise as Lakers news reveals how LA has been performing well this year, exceeding expectations so far this early.

“We’re on the right path. Our guys enjoy coming into work. All those things come into play and are beneficial, especially when you are trying to develop good habits. We have got guys who are excited about coming in the gym.” Walton said of the young, spongy Lakers roster.

Among the bright spots of the Lakers roster, of course, is Nick Young. He could have been playing somewhere else right now, but he’s making himself a role model for the rest of the Lakers roster.

Nick Young face of change.

From the trading block to the starting five, Nick Young has re-focused himself two ways: better spot up shooting within and outside the arc, and solid defense, especially from the perimeter.

Thanks to Luke Walton’s encouragement and belief, and now we know how big a part communication is ineffective leadership, followed up with solid planning.

Nick Young face transformation himself, upgraded his catch-and-shoot opportunities, run off screens, and is currently perfect from the line. He moves his feet well in defending, and limits his man’s 3-pt shooting by 5.8%.

And like the rest of the Lakers roster, win-or-lose, he works out hard at the gym after each game the next day. Nick Young face of change? How about being a prime example of success in second chances.

Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr.com

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