Lakers News: Sponge Brandon Ingram unfair comparison to Kevin Durant Warriors leader

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Lakers news on Brandon Ingram and Kevin Durant Warriors
Lakers news on Brandon Ingram and Kevin Durant Warriors, Lakers, Kevin Durant, Brandon Ingram

As a rookie trying to make an impression in the big league it may be of great advantage to have mentors and great players to look up to. Ironically, for Brando Ingram, Lakers news reveals such a connection with Kevin Durant Warriors star.

One might have thought that someone like Kobe Bryant or Laker legends such as Magic Johnson would be more actively guiding the rookie Brandon Ingram.

But according to a report by CBS Sports for Lakers news, Kevin Durant Warriors small forward said, “I’ve seen the skills. I’ve seen the length, the effort and the competitiveness. He looks like a quiet, reserved and nonchalant kid.”

“But when he steps in between the lines, he just wants to play. I have nothing but good things to say and nothing but support for him. I’ll be here no matter what, trying to encourage him and helping him out through the process.”

Brandon Ingram and Kevin Durant have been compared with each other for their physical similarities. Ingram has been criticized for his skinny frame, like Durant’s when he was just starting in the NBA, and this is something that Kevin Durant acknowledges. They are like mirrors of themselves from a young and older self.

“I try to compare my game and pattern it after him. But at the end of the day, I want to be Brandon Ingram, when I grew up, I always wanted to be just like him. But I think the comparison is beyond my years. The comparison is more when he came into the league.” Brandon Ingram said, admitting to designing his playing style like Kevin Durant Warriors forward.

It’s too early to say of what Brandon Ingram could be in the league, but there are flashes of greatness. He has a high basketball IQ and he can adapt to multi positions on the court.

He also has assistant Brian Keefe who was OKC’s developmental coach, who helped Kevin Durant in his younger years.

“That’s ironic,” Brandon Ingram said of the connection. “Coming in, I didn’t know he worked with (Durant). It’s helped me a lot with his teaching and the routine that he has given me to work on every day.” Brandon Ingram said in a report by LakersNation for Lakers news.

However, coach Luke Walton feels that while Brandon Ingram is a sponge, trying to learn anything he can, and is very competitive, the Kevin Durant Warriors comparison is still beyond his years.

“I don’t think any comparison to any player of Kevin Durant’s talent to a young kid is fair. Brandon Ingram has the opportunity to become that type of special player. But to compare him right now at the age of 19 is a little unfair.” Luke Walton said according to MercuryNews.

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