Lakers reveal plans to new head coach Luke Walton including free agency targets

The Los Angeles Lakers are now making plans together with their new head coach, Luke Walton, about their key strategies on how to rebuild the team and hiring future franchise players.

First-time head coach Luke Walton will now be facing the most exciting and thrilling part of his career as the Lakers‘ head coach, who suffered their worst season under Byron Scott. Walton should replicate his accomplishments in the Golden State Warriors as an assistant coach to prove that he is really suitable for the job.

According to Bill Ocram of the OC register, Luke Walton said that the Lakers revealed their plans including their free agency targets in the off-season. After Kobe Bryant’s retirement, the Lakers should be eager to hire a superstar that will be the future face of the team.

Based on a previous report, the Lakers main target in the free agency is the Oklahoma City Thunder star forward Kevin Durant. However, the team will be battling among strong competitors to get the service of Durant, including the reigning NBA champion Golden State Warriors.

If the Golden State Warriors will be pursuing Durant than re-signing their free agents, there is a huge possibility that Luke Walton can lure Harrison Barnes and Festus Ezeli to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers. Their names might not have created several noises in the upcoming free agency, but they are undeniably part of the team who won last year’s NBA title and beat the ’95-96 Chicago Bulls’ record.

Though the Lakers have promising young cores like D’Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson, Julius Randle and Larry Nance Jr., they should consider hiring veteran players and superstars to attract free agents in the off-season.

Showing off they can sign a two maximum-salaried players is not enough to attract free agent like Durant, he would prefer a team that can compete at a higher level to give him more championship title. Lakers must show to the incoming free agents that their team is a good landing spot and can be a title contender in the 2016-17 NBA season.

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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