Lakers Rumors: Chris Bosh joining Los Angeles a ‘natural possibility’? Heat working contract buyout with CB4

Chris Bosh
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Chris Bosh is reportedly working toward a contract buyout with the Miami Heat that would assure a permanent cap relief for the team. However, Bosh is not yet considering an NBA retirement and plans to return when he’s medically cleared to play again. Should the Los Angeles Lakers be interested in acquiring the All-Star forward?

Bosh missed the entire 2016-17 NBA season due to recurring blood clots. The Heat decided not to let him play after a failed physical exam before the start the season. As of now, they are working to remove Bosh’s salary from the book to have enough cap space to pursue superstars in the upcoming free agency.

New CBA benefit both Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat

According to Ira Winderman of the Sun Sentinel, Bosh and the Heat are near to reach an agreement that would allow the team to remove Bosh’s salary from its salary cap without worrying that it would return to their cap. The Heat can now permanently remove Bosh’s $52.1 million salary even if he plays again with another team. This is only made possible with the new CBA.

“Under the CBA in place until June 30, if Bosh returns to the league his salary-cap hit could be reinstated to the Heat’s ledger over the remaining term of his contract, which expires after the 2018-19 season. However, under the CBA that goes into place July 1, if a medical panel comes to an agreement that it is no longer considered safe for Bosh to continue his career, that would end the risk of Bosh’s cap charge or luxury-tax hit returning to the Heat’s book,” Winderman wrote.

If they succeed to remove his salary, the Heat will be having $37 million in salary-cap space. This would be enough to acquire at least one superstar in the free agency market. Gordon Hayward and Blake Griffin are expected to be Miami’s radar as they plan to immediately return to title contention.

NBA Rumors: Chris Bosh to Los Angeles Lakers

According to Barry Jackson of Miami Herald, Bosh is not yet giving up on his NBA career. The All-Star forward is expected to immediately return once he’s cleared to play again. Jackson believes the Lakers would be a “natural possibility” for Bosh if ever he considers playing again.

“There have been discussions about Bosh’s departure being termed a “medical retirement,” but that is not definite. And Bosh has by no means ruled out playing again. The Lakers would be a natural possibility; Bosh spends his offseasons in Los Angeles and the Lakers’ general manager, Rob Pelinka, is Bosh’s former agent,” Jackson said.

When healthy, Bosh proves to be an incredible player on both ends of the floor. However, it’s hard to imagine the Lakers going after an aging superstar like Bosh. Also, he will surely consider joining a contender team once he’s cleared to play again.

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