Lakers Rumors: Kobe Bryant mentorship, Brandon Ingram Lakers future, more fluid than Kevin Durant; Shaquille O’Neal support

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Brandon Ingram Lakers
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Lakers rookie Brandon Ingram will have some big shoes to fill in the upcoming NBA season. They will be playing for the first time without the legendary Kobe Bryant, and the team hasn’t had much luck in the free agency acquisition.

Plus, Lakers center Timofey Mozgov is still currently recuperating after sustaining a groin injury.

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Surprisingly, Brandon Ingram showed very little pressure, if at all, during the NBA summer league that prompted guard D’Angelo Russell to say, “That’s my guy! I think he’s going to be successful in this League. He’s a funny dude and is real quiet ’til you really get to know him” in a report by Lakers Nation.

Brandon Ingram just went with the flow, and let the game work for him. He simplified the situation made complex with high expectations. He weaved his way in and scored naturally.

In response to the pressure on his shoulders, he mainly pointed out his desire to be a leader, which is unusual for a rookie to speak of.

Brandon Ingram Lakers future looks promising. Aside from his teammates giving a thumbs-up, he has the support of one of the NBA’s best players in Kevin Durant.

“He’s a little bit more fluid than I was,” Durant said in a report by ESPN

“As far as skill wise, he’s a little bit more advanced than I was at that time. I was just running, jumping, shooting 3s. But he can put the ball on the floor, change directions, get to the rim, shoot the pull-up 3. That stuff started to come a little bit later on for me.”

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Would a Kobe Brant mentorship do wonders at this point of his budding career? And for D’Angelo Russell too?

If Kobe Bryant were serious in really wanting to help his former team now would be a great time. And he doesn’t have to be a formal part of the coaching team; just being there to mentor the young guys would swell.

To add up to the list of players who like what they see in the Laker rookie, Shaquille O’Neal hopes Luke Walton will be able to work out a way where Ingram wouldn’t have to post that much.

At least for now where he’s in the process of building some muscle and strength; where his lanky frame is a bit of a concern for some.

“I like Ingram,” O’Neal said in an interview with Lakers Nation. “I think he needs to get a little bit stronger, but I think Luke is going to come to some type of system, where he’s going to be out on the perimeter and doesn’t need to post up that much.”

The Brandon Ingram Lakers outlook seems bright with potentials that he possesses especially on the offensive end. He has a superb support team and program, and how often do we hear of a rookie getting such boost from NBA legends?

Photo Courtesy: Zach Frailey/Flickr

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