Lakers Rumors: Nick Young predicted to be on the inactive list again; Zach Auguste taking Swaggy P’s roster spot

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The Los Angeles Lakers are near in completing their roster for the 2016-17 NBA season. According to the latest NBA rumors, the Lakers will be giving Nick Young’s roster spot to Zach Auguste.

Nick Young has been the center of issues after his rift with teammate D’Angelo Russell. Though the two players are trying to fix their relationship, there are reports saying that the Lakers still want Young out of their roster.

According to Kevin Ding of the Bleacher Report, the Los Angeles Lakers are trying to trade Nick Young this summer. Also, they are ready to waive his contract if no team expresses an interest in him.

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“I would frankly be surprised if Nick Young is on the Lakers’ roster at the start of the season. They’ve been trying to trade him for a while. They’re still trying to trade him. They are willing to even buy him out if necessary to move on.” Ding said.

However, the deadline that will enable the Lakers to stretch Young’s contract for the 2016-17 season already ended on August 31st. This means that he will count on the Lakers’ cap next season for the $5.4 million he is owed.

At some point, this could be a wise move for the Lakers since they could eat Young’s salary now than deal with it until 2021. It will still be the best for them if they could find a team who wants to absorb Young on their team.

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Recently, the Lakers signed power forward Zach Auguste to a camp deal. Despite having low output in the Summer League, the Lakers discovered the potential of Auguste to become a future superstar.

Signing Zach Auguste gives the Lakers 16-man training camp roster. The remaining days of the offseason will surely be big for Auguste and Nick Young since they could be fighting for the spot to complete the roster for the 2016-17 NBA season.

If the Lakers will choose Zach Auguste, Nick Young will be placed on the inactive list once again until they find a team who is interested in acquiring him.

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