Lakers upset Warriors: Luke Walton’s curse takes effect on his former team, makes Stephen Curry choke in the three-point range

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Stephen Curry’s second MVP title proves to be a motivation for the rest of the Golden State Warriors as they try to close down their second round playoff series with a possible win over the hard-fighting Portland Trailblazers.

Luke Walton’s curse seems to have an effect to his former team as the Los Angeles Lakers upset the Golden State Warriors, 117-97, on Friday night at Staples Center. The spell mostly hit Stephen Curry, who shot 0-of-10 from beyond the arc to end his NBA record streak of 157 games with a three-pointer.

The worst team in the West last season just pulled out a miracle and defeated the 73-9 win, reigning Western Conference champions Golden State Warriors. The Lakers have surprisingly stepped up early in the game, not letting the Warriors destroy them at home.

Before facing his former team, Lakers head coach Luke Walton threw a magic spell against the Warriors.

“I hope that they all have terrible games and we win,” Walton said.

The “Splash Brothers”, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, were seen struggling shooting beyond the arc. Curry was unable to hit a three-pointer and posted 0-of-10 in the three-point range. Thompson, who missed most of the open shots, was 2-of-10 from beyond the arc.

Despite some turnovers, the Lakers showed good passing and teamwork that enabled them to take advantage of the Warriors’ struggling superstars. In the first half, the Lakers have managed to extend the lead up to 20 points, but Kevin Durant retaliated for the Warriors.

Durant raised the Warriors’ spirit in the second half with a huge slam against Timofey Mozgov. Most plays involving KD helped the Warriors cut down the lead to seven. However, D’Angelo Russell didn’t let them take control of the game and hit a three-point shot against Stephen Curry.

Lou Williams and Julius Randle stepped up for the Lakers in the final quarter to get their second victory at home. Aside from Curry’s struggle hitting three-pointers, the Warriors also  committed a season-high 18 turnovers.

The Los Angeles Lakers are set to face the Phoenix Suns on Sunday at the Staples Center while the Golden State Warriors return at the Oracle Arena on Monday against the New Orleans Pelicans.

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