Lamar Odom breaks silence, talks of NBA comeback and patching things up with Khloe Kardashian

Lamar Odom has some words for his fans, he will make a comeback and he will patch things with his wife.

Lamar Odom seemed sober when he made a statement of a possible NBA comeback and to patch things up with estranged wife, Khloe Kardashian. Odom was spotted during Kobe Bryant’s final NBA Game as the Lakers hosted the Utah Jazz at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Odom was present to witness Bryant’s retirement match and Entertainment Tonight interviewed the 36-year old former NBA player. Odom stated that he is doing fine and has all love for his former Lakers teammate, who will walk away for good.

“I’ve never been better, especially after tonight. He [Bryant] had 60 [points] tonight. He is the world, learned so much from him off the court, on the court, everything kinda translates and life is beautiful,” Odom said.

Seeing his former teammate play for the last time in the NBA, Odom also hinted that he wants to make a comeback to show that he still has something to offer to NBA fans but did not go into detail as to when and which team has been negotiating with him, thus sparking NBA rumors as well.

Odom added that so many things have been said about him being spotted inside a bar and explained that things are sometimes blown out of proportion, but he stressed that only a few knows the truth and holds them near his “heart.”

“I mean, it gets tough, especially if so much gets speculated. Only a few people know the truth, and I just keep that close to my heart,” Odom explain.

He also explained that he is making amends with his estranged wife, Khloe Kardashian, who has recently announced that she is done with helping Odom get back his health and that she will pursue once again the divorce.

Odom described that their relationship has been in the rocks, but quickly added that they have always managed to get through with everything. Although he is okay with Khloe getting through with the divorce, Odom as reported by TMZ made it clear that he will not easily give up their marriage.

“We did talk, you know, everything is [up for] discussion. We talk about anything. We’ve been through a lot. It won’t ever stop,” Odom added.

It would be remembered that Khloe put on hold their supposed divorce as she opted to help Odom get over his problem with substance abuse and alcoholism after he was found unconscious in a brothel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The divorce issue came about again when Odom was spotted in several bars and pub and back to his drinking ways again.

No matter how short his explanation to all issues being thrown against him, one thing is for sure Odom gave his all out support for Bryant and would want another chance with Khloe and their marriage.

Photo Courtesy: David Shankbone/Wikimedia

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